Women's classic pants - 46 photos of stylish images for all occasions

Women's classic pants are one of the most sought-after things in the wardrobe of women. They are especially popular among girls who spend a lot of time in the office, because I help to look stylish and elegant.

Women's classic pants 2018 - fashion trends

In the collections of many eminent fashion designers there are women's classic pants 2018. Among the trends used in their design design, we can designate the following:

Classic pants for women

Such a popular wardrobe item as a women's classic trousers is represented by numerous variations of models, so any representative of the fair sex can pick the most suitable to her figure. Among them you can list the following:

Women's classic straight trousers

With an indispensable attribute of business attire, many associate female black classic pants. They can be part of the kit, which includes a jacket, or act as a separate thing. Its distinctive characteristics include the following:

Women's classic narrowed trousers

Happy owners of a slim figure fit will be able to emphasize its merits, if you pick up the classic narrowed trousers. They are characterized by such characteristic features:

Classic trousers with high waist

Possessors of magnificent forms can look visually slimmer if they get classic black trousers with an overstated waistline. Correction of the figure in this case is not only due to the dark color, but also due to the special cut that makes the waist thinner. Among the characteristics of the product can be listed the following:

Classic pants with stripes

Fashion women, who prefer bright, memorable bows, will be able to pick up women's classic pants with stripes . They look extremely original, the traditional cut is complemented by a new unusual detail, which gives the image an informality and helps diversify unnecessarily strict office bow. This model is considered a real trend and has such distinctive features:

Women's wide classic pants

Pants of classic cut, containing the widest trousers, are able to give an image of spectacular effect. Some models may even resemble a skirt, they are particularly suitable for the summer season, if made of lightweight fabric. When choosing such products, it is necessary to take into account certain points, which are as follows:

Short classic pants

Very popular fashion among the fair sex are shortened classic pants. They are able to focus on beautiful ankles and give the image an additional attraction. Among the variations in design can be noted the following:

Classic trousers with an elastic band

Not only look attractive, but also provide comfort to women's classic pants on an elastic band, located in the waist. It can be sewn with the following methods:

Classic Trousers

One of the popular variations is the women's fashionable classic trousers, made with the help of the "flare" style. They have such distinctive features:

Classic trousers with arrows

Incredibly stylish are fashionable classic trousers with arrows. They can be made in various styles: be fitting, straight or wide, conventional or shortened length, monophonic or containing prints. At manufacturing the various color scale is applied, from quiet restrained to bright saturated shades.

With what to wear classic pants?

For women of fashion who have added a stylish novelty to their wardrobe, the question becomes urgent: with what to wear women's classic trousers? They can be combined with many things, but you need to carefully choose them to get a harmonious image. Among the most common combinations, the following can be noted:

  1. As the top fit tight laconic shirts or blouses, which will be a perfect addition to the office bow. Their color is selected depending on the shade of the pants, if they have prints, then the top should be monophonic. To the bottom, made in one color, you can choose a shirt or blouse in a cage, strip or with other variants of prints.
  2. Due to the fact that the product has a strict cut, you can stop choosing on blouses that contain all kinds of ruffles or flounces, a collar of frill. This will help bring the zest into the image and make it not so strict and more feminine.
  3. For the autumn and winter period, a variety of sweaters, sweaters, cardigans will suit. In this case, it is worth to refrain from sports models, preference should be given to the elegant top.
  4. Women's fashionable classic trousers can be used not only to go to the office, but also to create a stylish evening bow. Such a bottom can be complemented with a spectacular top made of silk, satin, velvet, chiffon.
  5. As for outerwear, it can be classic styles of coats, jackets, raincoats, fur coats, fur vests, feminine elegant down jackets. Do not look with such a bottom sports models of outerwear, for example, jacket-bombers or down jackets, made in the appropriate style.

Shoes for classic pants

When drawing up an organic image in which female classic trousers are present, the right choice of shoes is an important point. With this product, depending on the features of its style, the following options will look good:

  1. A win-win choice will be shoes, sandals, half-boots or high-heeled boots. They are associated with the classics and look refined and elegant. For comfortable wear, a wide, stable heel will fit, and to create an evening bow an unsurpassed option will be a hairpin.
  2. Shortened tapered models can be worn with flat-soled shoes, for example, summer classic trousers are perfectly combined with shoes-boats or ballet shoes. For autumn or winter, a great choice will be boots with a high top
  3. The style with wide trousers must necessarily be combined with shoes on a heel, high wedge or platform. Variants at low speed are better to exclude. Due to the characteristics of the cut, high boots in the autumn-winter period do not fit this low, it can only be shoes or boots with a low bootleg.