Crown of mastic

Such products from mastic as a crown, it is best to make of gelatin mastic , tk. it when dried perfectly keeps the shape, which is simply necessary for such fragile ornaments. The only downside is that they will be quite solid and bite off a bit will be problematic. Although such a decor can be kept in memory as a souvenir. It is better to make such an ornament a couple of days before the cake is served, so that it will dry out well.

Crown on mastic cake - master class

First you need to decide on the design of the crown. Because in this case - it's an openwork crown, then we'll start by drawing a stencil. Here you can already give vent to fantasy and skill, taking into account the size of the cake. Usually coronal symmetrical, so you can start with one half. We put the ready-made stencil in the file file, this will be our working surface. Now the main task is to roll out of the mastic a thin flagellum. After all, the thinner they will be, the more delicate and graceful our crown will turn out. Now these flagella are laid out on the stencil. It is better to trim excess edges with a sharp knife.

You should get a workpiece in the form of one half crown. Now you need to make a stencil on the other half, because it should reflect the first, we just translate the template to the other side of the leaf. This is easy to do if attached to the window. The leaf will be illuminated and you will easily copy the picture. Repeat all the steps and get the other half of the crown. We connect them together, greasing the joints with water, as, indeed, throughout the previous work. A special chic of this crown will add edible beads of different sizes. Now the file must be carefully rolled into the tube and the edges fixed. So the crown will dry up and get the right shape. It is only necessary to separate it from the file and, if desired, paint it.

Here such beauty turns out as a result, it is necessary only to dream up with colors and forms.

How to make a golden crown from mastic to cake?

This technology is very simple and does not require special tools and skills. Mastic, preferably yellow or mustard color, rolled into a thin layer. We color it with gold-colored candurin and cut out a triangle so that it turns out to be symmetrical, fold in half and equalize. For decor, you can use any improvised materials, for example, attachments to a confectionery bag.

Cut holes of different sizes or leave prints. You can decorate with various edible beads or beads and send to be dried on any round base of a suitable diameter: jar, glass, bottle, etc. So the finished product will get the desired shape and will not float during drying.

By this technology, you can make both simple and richer jewelry.