Bigos: recipe

Currently, the dish of biogas is traditional in Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian and even West-Russian culinary traditions. Prepare bigos from chopped meat and white cabbage (fresh and / or sour), in appearance and consistency, it most closely resembles thick cabbage soup. In general, this dish is considered to be originally Polish, but there is a legend that the biogas recipe was imported from Lithuania and spread thanks to King Wladyslaw Jagiello. This Polish monarch liked to refresh himself with a thick soup of cabbage and meat during hunting halts. That is, biogas is a rustic and hunting dish. The first mention of it (prepared from a light wolf!) Dates back to 1534. There is also a very flattering mention of this dish in the poem "Pan Tadeush" of the classic of Polish literature Adam Mickiewicz.

What is the biogas prepared from?

There are many variants of cooking of biogas. Usually the classic Polish bigos are made from a mixture of fresh white cabbage and sauerkraut. Naturally, bigos from fresh cabbage is more logical to cook in late summer and early autumn. Meat can be used pork, in particular, a neck or neck or meat of several types (in the sense, combine meat of different animals and birds). Also used game and even sausage products (smoked). You can cook bigos with sausages, it's better to use Polish smoked hunting sausages. Sometimes they prepare bigos with mushrooms, add ingredients such as prunes, quinces, apples, tomatoes. Sometimes Bigos is prepared with red wine and seasoned with various spices (this is primarily black and sweet pepper, cumin and bay leaf).

How to cook bigots?

First, separately squeezed shredded cabbage, and fry the meat or sausage, then mix everything and long (no less than an hour) stew in one dish (for example, in a clay pot or in a cauldron). The finished bigos has a slightly sour taste and a characteristic smell of smoked products. The dish is nourishing, thick and rich. It is always served bread, and sometimes - vodka and various strong tinctures. Often bigos are cooked in large dishes for future use, and then frozen. When reheated, this dish retains its good taste.

Classic Bigos

So, the recipe for Bigos is more or less close to the classical version.



Mushrooms steam, salt the liquid and cut them large. Peeled onions are crushed and lightly salvaged on butter in a large deep frying pan. We cut all kinds of meat into small pieces, add them to onions and weak them under a lid on low heat. By the end of the process, we add cut sausage, wine and spices. We evaporate to half the volume of the liquid. Fresh cabbage shred, salted and admit with a small amount of water in a large thick-walled container (not aluminum!). Most suitable is a stewpan or ceramic pot with a lid. Add the washed acid cabbage and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes, if necessary pouring water and stirring. Add the contents of the frying pan to the saucepan and mix. Also add chopped mushrooms. We extinguish (well, or cook) from this moment not less than an hour. Minutes for 10-20 until ready, we add plums and at the end - garlic. Now it's good to let the boiler cool down and clean it for a day in a cool place. A day later, warm up on very low heat for another 40 minutes and then you can serve bigos. It is even better to cook more bigos and eat it on the second day - then this dish will be even tastier.