Birth at 39 weeks gestation

Every woman in the state with impatience awaits the onset of the moment when her baby will be born. As is known, the normal term for a child who is born in the interval of 37-42 weeks of gestation is normal. In most cases, the birth occurs on the 38-39 week of pregnancy.

At what time do women usually give birth?

For starters, it should be noted that each pregnancy, like the female body itself, has its own individual characteristics. That's why someone gives birth earlier than the laid one, and someone, on the contrary, moves around. In this case, there are many factors that affect the date of birth.

For example, Western scientists have found that in women with a short menstrual cycle, the baby appears most often on 38 or 39 weeks of gestation, and in those expectant mothers that have a long one, at 41-42 weeks.

In addition, there is some kind of statistics, according to which repeated births at the 39th week of pregnancy are observed in almost 93-95% of women. If the first child is expected, i. E. a woman's first birth, then in 39 weeks of pregnancy this is unlikely. At 40, closer to 41 weeks, the baby is born. Moreover, about 6-9% of such women give birth to 42 and even a little later.

If a woman has a third birth, the probability that she will give birth at 39 weeks of pregnancy is low. Most often they occur at 38-38,5.

When do doctors talk about pacing?

In those cases when 42 weeks of pregnancy occur, and the precursors of labor are absent, midwives begin stimulation of delivery. To this end, the pregnant woman can lay a gel to soften and open the cervix, put a dropper with oxytocin, which causes the onset of labor. In each case, a separate tactic is developed, which directly depends on the exact time, size, weight of the fetus.