Weapons museum

One of the most desired countries for visiting Europe is San Marino . This tiny state is visited annually by more than three million tourists. And attracts here the image of the country, which allows you to dive into the Middle Ages. A lot of surviving castles, fortresses and protective structures can be found in San Marino. Moreover, the country's population lives in small castle cities, which are perfectly preserved ( Domagnano , Kyzeanuova , Faetano , etc.).

The capital of the state is ancient houses and terraces, which rise up the slope of Monte Titano . In the capital also a large number of museums and one of them - the Museum of ancient weapons.

Protection of an independent power

San Marino is based on the Christian faith. And the independent Christian state in the center of Italy, of course, was not welcome in ancient Italy. Therefore, it is not surprising that the capital of the state and the surroundings of Mount Titano, where it is located, are densely strewn with various fortifications, defensive gates and forts. San Marino simply had to defend itself against the attacks of neighbors. And, seeing her today's status of an independent republic, it is clear that the defense was a success.

And it's easy to conclude that the inhabitants of this country understand weapons and have always understood. It is for this reason that the Museum of Weapons of San Marino, which is located in the fortress of Chest, is of interest.

Exposition of the museum

The museum exhibited a variety of tools for warfare, beginning with the wars of the Middle Ages and ending with weapons of the 20th century. All exhibits were purchased by the state of San Marino for 16 years and are on display in four huge halls. In order to order a general picture of the development of events, all weapons are presented in chronological order.

The museum collection numbers more than 1,500 copies for a long period, beginning with the Middle Ages. Exhibits of the museum are exhibited in glass cases, which allows visitors to view them from all sides.

The route of the tour passes through four halls and allows you to trace the development of weapons business. The museum displays exhibits that are of great historical value.

Room 1 - pole weapon

A large collection of various arm weapons is presented in the first hall. There are both massive battle axes of the 15th century, and thin and elegant, intended for parades, halberds of the 17th century.

Of particular interest among all the weapons presented here are combat axes with very sharp blades and battle halberds of rather crude shape. It can also be seen that sabers and halberds eventually took on a more elegant form. And this means that they lost their painful value, and preference was given to firearms.

The halberds, cutters and axes exhibited here are mainly produced in Italy until the early 17th century. In a separate window you can see chain armor and swords of the medieval era.

Hall 2 - Armor

In the second hall of the Museum of Weapons of San Marino you can see all the armor, which was created by masters from England, Italy and Germany in the 15-17 centuries. Here, all the skill of steel masters is demonstrated.

A rare exhibit is a breastplate for a child, made of gilded and engraved steel. It was created at the Royal Military Factory in England in the 16th century.

Hall 3 - development of firearms

The weapons of this hall demonstrate the achievements of technology of different centuries, used by gunsmiths. In the 15th century it was a fuse for arquebus, and already in the 18th century more sophisticated weapons were produced.

Among the rare exhibits you can see a single-shot rifle, which was created in South Bavaria, in a factory, around 1720. It is also interesting to see a collection of small swords that are artfully decorated with gold embossing and engravings.

In the hall there is a shop shotgun of the late 17th century Michele Lorenzoni.

Hall 4 - firearm and belt weapon

The industrial revolution of the early 18th century can be traced through the firearms of the next hall. Of particular interest is the first firearm, called the breech-charging.

Among the exhibits that relate to the means of protection, you can see individual representatives of weapons and equipment that were created at different times, from the reign of Napoleon to modern sleeves.

Fans of weapons will find many interesting exhibits in this room, as well as in the entire museum.

How to get there?

The museum is located in the Old Center of San Marino, where all the attractions can be bypassed literally in half an hour. Tourists prefer to walk on foot, but you can drive a taxi or a rented car. We advise after the excursion also to walk along Freedom Square and visit some of the most unusual museums - a museum of curiosities , a museum of vampires and a museum of torture .