Citric acid from the scale in the kettle

As is known, even purified water is a kind of solution of a variety of salts. With repeated boiling of water, these constituents settle inside the kettle, forming a so-called scale. Naturally, the question is quite legitimate if a scum formed in the kettle , what to do in order to get rid of it? In the article we will tell you how you can use citric acid from the scale in the kettle.

Folk remedies for scale in the kettle

There are many folk and industrial tools and methods that contribute to the removal of scale with varying degrees of efficiency. The most famous way that our grandmothers used is cleaning the kettle from scale with citric acid : 50-70 gr is poured into the kettle filled with water. acid, then the water boils. After cooling, the water is drained, a new one is collected and the boiling process is repeated. The effect of citric acid in this descaling process is based on the splitting reaction of all deposits in the kettle. In a similar way, both electric and ordinary teapots are cleaned, but not metal ones, because under the influence of acid the metal becomes rough, and the scum will settle much more quickly with the further use of the kettle.

One should also take into account the fact that citric acid does not remove the old deposits. But what about in this case, with which to boil the kettle to remove the old scum? And for such a neglected state there is a folk remedy - boiling water in the kettle with baking soda. To do this, about 90-100 grams are covered in the kettle with water. soda, give water to boil, set the kettle to cool and drain the water. The procedure is repeated in the same order again with soda and once with acetic essence (about 1-2 tsp per kettle). After this boiling, the aged alkaline layers (scale) soften, become loose, depart literally by layers and can be easily removed by a usual dish sponge.

For those who are skeptical and distrustful of the people's means, we can recommend special household chemical products from scale for kettles and other containers designed for boiling water - the so-called antiknakins. The way of using them is absolutely not complicated - in a water filled kettle full amount of the product is filled (see the instructions for use indicated on the product package) and brought to a boil, then the water is drained and the kettle is thoroughly rinsed under a lot of running water.