Why can not I get pregnant with a second child?

Quite often, women complain to a gynecologist that they can not conceive a second child for a long time. In order to understand why it is not possible to become pregnant with a second child, a doctor should first of all collect an anamnesis. As a rule, a woman is asked about what kind of gynecological diseases were in the past, whether there were any injuries of the reproductive organs, pay attention to how the first births were taking place, and whether there were any complications.

Because of what the second pregnancy does not come long?

A similar question interests many women. In cases where for 2 years a married couple who lives a regular sex life, while not using contraceptives, can not become pregnant, they talk about infertility. In such cases, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

However, female infertility is not always the reason for the absence of pregnancy. Sometimes, some women can not get pregnant with a second child, even on the day of ovulation. In such cases, it is necessary that a man undergo a test.

If we talk about what are the reasons why it is not possible to get pregnant with a second child, then first of all it is necessary to pay attention to such factors as:

Regarding the latter factor, not all women know that when feeding a baby the baby synthesizes prolactin, which prevents ovulation, and while pregnancy can not occur.

What if the long-awaited second pregnancy does not occur?

Many women, trying to get pregnant with the second child, and at the same time if they do not work for a long time, fall into despair because Do not know what to do to become a mom the second time. Do not do this, because sometimes against a background of constant experiences, stress, a disruption of the hormonal system is observed, which negatively affects the future pregnancy.

So, in most cases, if one year does not get pregnant with a second child, doctors recommend a complete examination. Quite often, after taking hormonal drugs, conception occurs. In addition, an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs of a woman is prescribed.

It is also very important to determine exactly when exactly ovulation occurs, which will increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

If you can not get pregnant with a second child after 30, then before resorting to IVF, they recommend that you pass a test for both spouses. First of all, a blood test for hormones is performed, and ultrasound is diagnosed.