What does the name Victor mean?

The main qualities inherent in the Victorians are trust and generosity, but they aspire to adventures and strong emotions.

In Latin, the name Victor means "winner."

Origin of the name Victor:

The name Victor came from the Latin word "victor", which translates as "winner." There is a derived from it female form of a name - Victoria.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Victor:

Since childhood Victor has been impulsive, curious and trusting. He takes offense at the lie, but is incapable of harboring evil, quick-witted and friendly. Strong interest in the Viktorians causes all the unusual, exciting, connected with adventures and adventures. In the company of peers, they always offer to play pirates or treasure hunters, and in school they pay special attention to what they are interested in. Little Victor is difficult to sit for lessons on those subjects that are uninteresting to him.

Despite the dreamy and romantic nature, the Viktors are mostly practical and stand firm on the ground. From the professions they choose the one to which they have a tendency and in which they want to achieve the greatest success. They are people of quick action and reactions, natural mobility often leads them into sports. Victors rarely choose a sedentary slow and monotonous work, preferring to one where you can see the result almost immediately after the performed action. As an interlocutor Victor is verbose, witty and impulsive. The leader from it turns out seldom, but he is capable to grasp interest of the company and to keep it, testing sincere pleasure from dialogue. He values ​​society and tries to choose friends with a good sense of humor.

We tolerate, tolerant and expect the same from others. Victor often ulcers, may inadvertently offend, but the natural charm usually does not allow him to seriously insult someone. Usually he does not like excessively serious people and slow-wittedness, he does not hesitate to ridicule them, not caring about the consequences. The desire to thrill a lot of Viktors realize in enthusiasm for extreme sports or gambling. A serious defect of them - born of frivolity and disregard for morality.

In relations with the opposite sex Romanticists and idealists. Often choose a model of relations from favorite books and try to match it. In a partner, as in friends, they appreciate wit. Often have an interest in lush women older than themselves.

In bed Victor is inventive, mocking and tactful. I'm interested in acquiring new knowledge - whether it's from a chosen one or from the relevant literature. Appreciates the openness. Because of the sensitive complex soul, often Victor often experiences difficulties with the choice of a companion of life. In a woman looking for a resemblance to themselves and a reflection of their own qualities and habits. Rarely leaves his wife, but is capable of betrayal, loving and constantly in search of impressions.

Best relations with the Vikings are with the Galians, Innas, Larissa, Olga and Svetlana, and difficulties often arise in marriage with Veronika, Eugenia, Zinaida and Catherine.

Family Viktors appreciate for cohesion and see it as a quiet harbor and a way of escape from loneliness. They love children, but at times excessively with them are strict, but at the same time are generous. Often introduce a strict order of family life, with age their pedantry grows into tediousness. Victors ironically refer to the issue of power in the family and do not attach much importance to it.

Interesting facts about the name Victor:

Best relations with the Vikings are with the Galians, Innas, Larissa, Olga and Svetlana, and difficulties often arise in marriage with Veronika, Eugenia, Zinaida and Catherine.

Born in the winter, the Victors are especially impressionable and passionate, affectionate and jealous. "Summer" is short, closed and reliable, and those who were born in the autumn or spring are morbidly curious and have the nature of the researcher.

Name Victor in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Victor : Vitya, Vitulya, Vitya, Vitasik, Vityaha, Vitia, Vityosha, Torya, Viktya, Viktusya Vityusya, Visha, Vishuta, Vika, Victorka, Vityusha, Vityusha, Vityana, Vitia

Victor - name : gray

Victor's Flower : Jerusalem artichoke

Stone of Victor : agate