Straight coat without collar

Back in the 1960s, the fashion world learned of a straight coat without a collar, which was destined to become a classic of all time. Until now, this model has enjoyed unprecedented popularity.

The main highlight of such outerwear is that in its image bright accents can be made on buttons, large pockets, contrast or wide belt. Moreover, even without these details, the coat does not lose its charm.

Models of a coat of a direct cut without a collar

What unites such clothes? So this is a traditional silhouette. It is with his help that you can look slimmer and younger.

First of all, you should pay attention to the model of a light coat without a collar and short sleeves ¾. Especially it is suitable for those who are not averse to show the world the beauty of their hands. Moreover, this version of the classic style can be perfectly complemented not only with a luxurious scarf, kerchief, but also charming bracelets.

It should be noted that a woman's coat without a collar is rather light clothing, because it's better to flaunt it not in frosty weather, but in the early autumn and late spring. For the reason that it is preferred by young girls, in the world there is an unprecedented demand for a coat up to the knee. Thus, you can not only add femininity to your image, but also boast of slender legs. In sunny weather, a short coat is worn open, and since it is without a collar, the neck will be decorated with an elegant necklace or scarf.

A long coat of this style is preferred by ladies aged. It embodies the power of female beauty, restraint, refinement. The image can be supplemented with a neckerchief. In addition, if we consider the model of a direct cut, then we can say with certainty that it will hide the problem areas.

How to wear a coat without a collar?

The main component of such clothes is an accessory on the neck. It is important that he was contrasting in color with a coat. The option of a hat in case of unfavorable weather is not excluded. It is important to choose the one that will successfully emphasize the shape of the person, hiding the shortcomings.

It will not be superfluous to note that the image can be supplemented with large beads, large pendants. Stylists recommend wearing them on top of a coat.

Looks great with the clothes of this style dress-case. In addition, the perfect complement - blouses with a lace collar. In the quality of shoes are good boots, shoes, pumps and high boots .