Wellness Running

Wellness running is one of the best means, which allows you to improve the health of a person and even prolong his life for 5-7 years. In doing so, it is necessary to know the features of proper running and to take into account all the recommendations in order for such training to bring only benefit.

Recommendations and contra-indications of health running

It is worth paying attention to the fact that starting to run in the morning, you should approach it with the mind. So, for example, many people try to run as much as possible from the first days, but in reality it is the main mistake that can lead to health problems. Wellness jogging at the beginning of classes should not exceed more than 15 minutes. Subsequently, you can increase the running time by five minutes. Some athletes recommend on the first days just to walk fast. This will help prepare the body and muscles for further exercise.

There is a certain technique of health running:

  1. It is very important at the very beginning to do a little workout and stretching the legs, in order to prepare the muscles a little.
  2. During jogging, the upper body should be relaxed.
  3. Movements should be smooth without sharp jerks. It is important to maintain balance and not look under your feet while running. The view should be directed into the distance in front of you.
  4. You need to put your feet properly. The foot should be placed on the toe, and then smoothly pass to the heel. But if you put your foot on the heel. That by doing so can damage joints, once again increasing the load on them.
  5. It is necessary to economically spend your energy. Therefore, during jogging it is important not to swing your arms, but to keep them bent at 90 *. You do not need to do extra head movements and raise your shoulders high.

Despite the huge benefits from sports and fitness running it is not recommended to everyone. So, any jogging is contraindicated for people who have vision problems, for example, detachment of the retina. In the presence of frequent headaches and increased intracranial pressure, exercise can begin only after consulting a doctor. Some chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as joint diseases call into question the advisability of such runs.

Features of the choice of terrain and clothing

In order for health running to really improve The state of health should take into account the terrain on which training will take place. It is best to choose smooth surfaces without stones and possible obstacles. After long and regular training, you can make jogs on rough terrain. In this case, the muscles are already accustomed to such stresses and the risk of stretching or dislocations will be reduced to a minimum.

Clothing for running plays not the least role. You should choose quality items from breathable materials, which also absorb moisture well. It is important to always dress for the weather. But it should be taken into account that during the run the body warms up and if it is too warm, then you can quickly sweat and get tired already in the first minutes.