Vodka on cranberries - recipe

Vodka on cranberries is a warming drink with a stunning aroma and delicate cranberry flavor. In cold weather, you can drink vodka in small portions (not more than 50 grams) before dinner, because not only vodka, but also the cranberry itself has antibacterial abilities.

Bright cranberry vodka is very easy to prepare from the basic ingredients: cranberry itself, quality vodka (its quality determines the quality of the finished drink) and any sweetener, for example, honey, fructose or plain white sugar. About the subtleties of cooking, we'll talk further.

How to insist on vodka on cranberries?

As a matter of fact, cranberry vodka is just a quality vodka infused with berries or a mixture of good alcohol and pure water, but do not delude yourself, hoping that a delicious cranberry will be obtained in a couple of days - a drink with a rich bouquet should carry the maceration in the course of the order 14 days.



Before you make vodka on cranberries, ripe, whole and healthy berries, previously washed and dried, should be frozen. The process of freezing will make cranberries a little sweeter. Two days after freezing, the berries are thawed and kneaded with a wooden pestle in glass or wooden utensils. Strongly crush the cranberries do not need, it is enough only to break the integrity of the berry shell to release the juice. Then, just fill the cranberries with vodka or a mixture of alcohol and water, as in our case. Hermetically close the container with a future tincture and leave for maceration for two weeks. During all that time, the berry sludge will need to be shaken regularly (which means every day). After a lapse of time we make a simple construction of a glass-stall, small strainer and cotton fabric. We pass the cricket through the artisanal filter and pour it on the bottles. If the sweetness of the drink seems insufficient, then you can easily add sugar syrup or honey at will.

Vodka, infused with cranberries, - recipe

For real gourmets and those who are not afraid to spend an hour or two preparing a quality raw material for a no less than a quality drink, we recommend the following recipe. Its subtlety is to prick every cranberry berry three or four times. Thanks to the small holes, the juice from the cranberry mixes with the vodka, completely saturating it with taste and color, and as a result, you do not have to bother with filtering, as the tincture will come out crystal clear.



Pulled berries fall asleep with sugar and leave to stand until they let the juice. You can give cranberries to ferment in the heat of day 3, thus a richer bouquet of tincture will be released. Sugar to cranberries add as much as it will be to taste: lovers of "dry" drinks will be enough and three-quarters of a glass, and those who love stronger and more send can pour 2-3.

Fill the berries with good vodka and leave to infuse for 3 weeks. In this case, the first week of the drink is shaken daily, then every other day, and the last week is not shaken at all. Further we filter the drink through gauze and we enjoy its fine taste and transparency.

How to cook vodka on cranberries without sugar?

Another effective way to keep the transparency of the drink is to filter it under pressure. At home, this procedure is feasible thanks to press coffee brewers.

About a pound of cranberry berries beat with a blender and pour a couple of liters of vodka. We leave the cranberry in the heat for maceration, not forgetting to shake a couple of times a day. After three days, without fear for the transparency of the drink, it is filtered through the filters of the coffee machine under pressure.