Stepper for losing weight

Stepper is a special simulator, with which you simulate walking up the stairs. It's no secret that such ups are very useful for the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and if you exercise at a fast pace, then you can adjust your weight well. Especially convenient are those models that have special handles that allow you to train your hands at the same time as your legs.

Does the stepper help you lose weight?

Like any physical load, classes on stepper for weight loss are quite effective. The fact is that walking up the stairs is a cardio load, i.e. The load that causes the cardiovascular system to be particularly active. As a result, nutrition of all body cells improves, metabolism is accelerated, calorie consumption is increased and, as a consequence, the process of splitting fatty deposits becomes more active.

Is stepper effective for losing weight?

It should be understood that you can lose weight with the help of a stepper, provided that you are engaged either for 15-20 minutes, but every day, or 3-5 times a week, but for 30-40 minutes at a time. If you are engaged from time to time, one week 2 times, another - none, then you can not expect results. Only constant training brings good results. Doing frequent, you will begin to lose weight after 1-3 weeks.

To enhance the effect of the stepper, it is necessary to limit the food that gives "quick" energy and concentrate on the proteins necessary for the development and restoration of muscles. The proteins include all types of meat, nuts, dairy products, egg protein, all legumes. These foods should be eaten as often as possible. But from simple carbohydrates it is worth noting:

Correcting your diet this way, you will lose weight very quickly - 1-1.5 kg per week. In addition, such a system of weight loss ensures that your weight will not return, because it leaves in an organic and gradual manner.

How to lose weight on a stepper?

Exercises for weight loss on the stepper can be performed both in the gym and at home, if you buy a simulator for yourself. If you know that you are not too consistent and can drop out of your workouts, it makes sense to start going to the gym on a subscription, and only then buy a simulator for the house - if you decide, of course, that this really suits you.

To train you in any case, you will need sportswear and quality shoes with shock absorption. Wear the equipment every time before starting to practice! Even if you are at home, this should be like a full-time activity in a fitness club - using special clothes, taking a shower at the end, etc.

Slimming is important also observe the diet. For 1.5 hours before the training, it is necessary to refuse food, and another 1.5 hours after it you should not eat, but you can drink a glass of skimmed yogurt - this will help the muscles to recover faster and get a beautiful shape and elasticity. The main thing in such trainings is the regularity of classes, which is the main condition for achieving results.

Stepper for losing weight favorably differs from others in that many of its versions (except, perhaps, a mini-stepper) allow you to use all the muscles of the body at once, which ensures an even release of fat and a uniform toning of all tissues. The main load is distributed to the legs, but due to the device of the simulator there is no chance to injure the knees or ankles, as, for example, when running.