Exercises for hands

Now, when photography has become a general mania, hand exercises are of particular relevance. You probably noticed more than once how much they can spoil the picture, because they seem too wide. Due to the fact that the muscles are not in good shape, the hand does not hold a shape, and, pressed to the body, does not look attractive. To solve this problem is simple: you just need to start training.

The best exercises for hands

It's no secret that the best and at the same time simple exercises for the hands are the exercises on the bar. Even banal vises can already improve the condition of your muscles, and if you can pull yourself up several times, even from the ground - consider that your hands are in good shape!

However, not everyone has the opportunity to study. Some are embarrassed to go out for exercise on the street, and there's nowhere to set the crossbar, others simply do not have enough patience to get results as a result of painful training.

And still, if you decide, it will be enough to do one exercise - pulling up from the ground. Standing hold on the crossbar at the height of the head, and carefully, without a jump, with one hand only, pull your chin to the horizontal bar, bending your elbows. Do this exercise. As many times as you can once daily. Try different grips - direct, reverse and mixed. This basic exercise for the hands is very effective and useful for the muscles.

Effective exercises for hands

Most bodybuilding exercises for the hands are designed for men, as women tend to pay more attention to training other areas. However, many of them are suitable for women, especially if you choose those that are designed for the triceps (the back of the hands). It is this zone that grows fastest and becomes unattractive.

So, effective strength exercises for the hands:

  1. Start with the traditional warm-up - twist the wrist joint 8 times in each direction, then - the elbow, and after that - the shoulder joint. In the end, shake hands.
  2. The end of the warm-up should be soft. Stand on your toes, raise your arms above your head and stretch as much as possible.
  3. Sit on a chair, rest your hands in the seat, and lower your buttocks down. Slowly go down and rise up. This exercise should be done slowly and carefully.
  4. Pick up dumbbells , sit on a chair, press elbows to the body. Slowly bend your arms at the elbows and unbend - move up and down. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  5. Take a dumbbell in your hand, sit on a chair, arm your elbows from the dumbbells in the inner part of the thigh near the knee on the same side. Bend and unbend the elbow. Do 3 sets of 10 times, then repeat the same for the other hand.
  6. Take in the complex and exercise for the hands with the bar. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, legs bent, body tilted perpendicular to legs, low back in waist, arms hanging freely down - barbell, bar or body. Slowly lift it along the legs, bending the elbows, and also lower it. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  7. Stand on all fours, from this position straighten the body from neck to knees. Do push-ups from the knees of the 3 approaches 10 times.
  8. In the end, you need a stretching for the hands: Right arm bend at the elbow and lift up, left pull it by the elbow toward the head. Then straighten your right arm, and take it to the left side in front of you, pressing it to your body with your left hand. Repeat for the second hand.

Using such a complex regularly, you will easily achieve the improvement of your hands. Now they will look slim and fit and will never spoil your pictures!