Signs of stress

A city person, as a rule, is constantly in a stressful situation: this is work, and loans, and the need to meet a lot of requirements from various sides, and a busy schedule. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of nervous stress in order to have time to neutralize it, while it is still possible.

Even now, when psychology as a science is developed quite well, the signs and mechanism of the course of stress are still a complex issue. The fact is that stress is a deeply subjective phenomenon, and what is relevant for one person can be quite irrelevant for another. This is easily confirmed by a simple example: it is known that many people "seize the stress." However, along with this, there are many people who can not eat and lose weight in a stressful situation.

So, let's consider those signs that can manifest themselves in different combinations in humans.

1. Intellectual signs of stress:

2. Emotional signs of stress:

3. Physiological signs of stress:

4. Behavioral signs of stress:

Signs of severe stress, as a rule, consist in an abundance of symptoms at all levels, as well as their high degree of intensity.