How to conquer a man?

Relations between women and men have been a mystery for many centuries. We, as representatives of the fair sex, can not understand a man at all , even after living side by side with him for several years. If a girl wants to attract the attention of a man she likes, then she needs to know the basics of male psychology.

The most basic "whales" on which men live are: a woman, work, hobby. These 3 things, then - for that you can catch on, to begin to conquer the heart of a handsome guy. Next we will tell the most actual secrets of seduction of men .

How to conquer a man in bed?

Most women do not cause the slightest doubt that a theoretically fall in love with a man can be with the help of sex, but that's how in practice to conquer a man in sex, few women know.

Here are some simple tips on how to conquer any man during sex.

  1. Be confident in yourself. A woman who, during her first sex with a man she likes, behaves insecurely and stifles some fears in the representatives of the stronger sex.
  2. Passion. The ability to demonstrate your skills and tricks during sex, will not help you, if you do not act in the "heat of passion".
  3. Do not be afraid of ridiculous situations. The various kinds of embarrassments that occur during an intimate with a young man should not spoil the whole romance of what is happening, so do not get stuck. If something happened, continue to act as your intuition tells you.

How to conquer the heart of a man?

The famous saying "the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach" has every reason to exist, because it is 100% true. If you are already ready to move to a serious relationship, then, as practice shows, men choose not Barbie dolls with high heels and long nails. In such situations, their choice falls on the pretty and economic girls who are able not only to brighten up loneliness, but also to cook dinner.

How to conquer a married man?

Fall in love with a married man, if he has some troubles in the family is not difficult. A man who does not receive satisfaction in all spheres of his family life begins to suffer from internal instability, as a result, as a rule, he seeks solace on the side. Not always married men suffer from the lack of sex, it happens that the head of the family simply does not have enough attention, care, understanding on the part of the wife. If you, you can understand what is missing such a man, then he will suddenly have feelings for you.

Conquer the man manipulator woman with traditional views and upbringing is very difficult. While the girl will be scandals and persuasion to try to inspire such a man that he should be attentive and caring, he will only get more and more power over it.

This requires a completely different approach. In the situation with the manipulator, the woman must be transformed, and learn how to play with him according to his own rules.

Stop responding to his tricks, and then he will feel that he can no longer, as before, you will be pushed around and will subside. If you learn to manipulate it yourself, then you, for that, forever "tie" it to yourself. To do this, you need to understand your own and his ideas about how, What is good and what is bad". After that it will be much easier to follow his example with him, which simply will not leave him any chance and he will surrender.

How to conquer a man with a look?

In order to subdue a man's eyes. First of all, it is necessary to look after your eyes correctly. Do not forget to wash off makeup before going to bed, make masks from wrinkles around the eyes of natural ingredients, and then your "mirrors of the soul" will shine with beauty, confidence and only one cast aside to the man's liking will be able to conquer his heart.