Twine Exerciser

To learn to sit on a string is to make your body flexible, flexible and light. Performing exercises for flexibility requires a person of great patience, endurance and perseverance. To facilitate the process of stretching the muscles of the legs can be a simulator for twine.

Why do you need a stretcher for a twine?

The simulator, which helps to sit on the twine, can be useful to dancers, skaters, gymnasts, football players, wrestlers of oriental martial arts and other sportsmen, as well as people wishing to become more plastic and surprise with their stretching. The traditional stretching process for longitudinal or transverse twine is very long, the simulator will help to achieve the result much faster.

The second advantage of using the twine simulator is that it can reduce pain and minimize the risk of injury. Very often athletes during the stretch neglect the safety rules and sharp movements injure the muscles and ligaments. The sports simulator helps to carry out movements smoothly and slowly, not giving overexertion.

Qualitative simulators for stretching are made of steel, they are equipped with a seat, backrest and leg holders with comfortable cushions. On the simulator you have the opportunity to set the angle of the stretch and constantly see your progress. However, to practice on the stretcher for the twine at the beginning it is desirable with an instructor who will show the basic principles of training and help with advice.

Useful tips for those wishing to sit on the twine: