"Hugh's dirty laundry." The former mistress of the secrets of the personal life of the founder of Playboy

The juicy details of Hugh Hefner's personal life were unveiled by the American model who had been with him in intimate relationships for a long time. Holly Madison told me what happened behind the closed doors of the luxurious mansion.

His brilliant career Hefner began back in the 53rd year, having only 600 own and 10 thousand investment dollars. First there was a magazine, after it began to develop a whole entertainment industry with festivals, a TV show and a club network with staff in a rabbit erotic uniform that later became a visiting card.

Causes of death

Recall, Hugh Hefner died in late September this year, leaving his young wife's inheritance, which, as it turned out, was quite expected.

One of the leading publications published previously unknown facts about the true causes of Hefner's death. As it turned out, the 91-year-old founder of Playboy two years ago picked up an infection that caused a serious back disease. On one of the last published videos, it is noticeable that he hardly moves with outside help. Almost the entire last year, Hefner has not been in the company of young beauties, but surrounded only by medical workers. But it was not always so, before the illness he was energetic and cheerful, and after his death it became known that the personal life of the founder of the legendary magazine was full of erotic riot.

Swedish family

From the story of Madison, it turned out that Hefner was not characterized by the principles of morality and in his house he often arranged love parties with several girls at the same time. Moreover, in the mansion on a permanent basis with him lived a few models that fulfilled all the vagaries of the elderly boss. Girls dressed up in pink erotic clothes, and in the evenings there were joint views of pornographic films.

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The weekly schedule was strictly painted, and only one day was reserved for communicating with the sons, the rest of the time was entirely devoted to entertainment. So, on Wednesday and Friday "club nights" were held, on weekends - a buffet and film screenings, and on Thursday the models took the day off and could spend time at their own discretion.