An important thing in the baggage of Windsor. You will be surprised!

In connection with the upcoming wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry all the attention of the press is drawn to the royal family. Each curious detail associated with the life of the Windsor, is discussed and replicated by tabloids.

Very soon Megan will officially enter the royal family, which means that she will have to get used to a rather unusual tradition, which at first glance does not seem obvious.

It turns out that on any trip, whether it is a trip around the country, a business trip abroad or a vacation, members of the ruling dynasty can not go without ... mourning attire! This was recently written by Express (Great Britain).

Be in all weapons if someone dies

Whence such a strange point of the protocol, you ask? The explanation lies on the surface. If suddenly a member of the royal family goes to the next world, all the relatives of the deceased are required to put on mourning in order to observe the rules of decency in public.

The ruling queen invented this rule in 1952, when her father died, George VI. At that moment, the queen and her husband were on a visit to Kenya.

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