What can be transported in luggage in an airplane?

You can travel around the world in many ways, but on every trip, a person always takes the things he needs with him. If you go by land transport, then you can take almost everything and the amount that you can carry. For flights on the plane, there are certain rules for the formation of luggage. It is worth familiarizing with them in advance, especially if you are flying for the first time.

What can be transported in luggage in an airplane?

To prevent the occurrence of life-threatening situations for passengers, airlines prohibit the following items as baggage on board:

In addition, it is not recommended to put in the baggage material values ​​(money, jewelry, securities) and any documents, as well as fragile items and laptop computers. This is due to the peculiarities of transportation of luggage to the aircraft and the likelihood that it may be lost.

All the rest is allowed to be taken, but it is worth carefully selecting what you want to take, since there is a restriction on the weight of luggage per passenger. This information is usually displayed on the ticket. Usually it is 20 kg for economy class, 30 kg for business class and 40 kg for first class. It also matters and size. For free transportation, baggage is allowed, for which the sum of height, length and depth does not exceed 158 cm.

Often when packing a suitcase, the question arises: is it possible to transport liquids and medicines in the luggage of an airplane? It is possible, but there are certain restrictions on the volume of transported beverages (especially alcohol). Medical preparations must necessarily be in sealed packages and stacked in a certain place.

Taking a trip with you, guided by the requirements of your airline, what kind of baggage you can carry on the plane, you will avoid the situation that during registration it will not pass the test and it will have to be left.