Rules for the carriage of luggage in an airplane

Few of the passengers travel light, so knowledge of the rules for carrying baggage in the plane is necessary for all potential consumers of airline services. It should be noted that along with the aviation rules for the carriage of passengers and baggage, which have been valid since 2007, each company involved in the transportation of passengers has its own rules. But they must meet the federal requirements.

The rules for carrying baggage in an airplane

Every passenger (with the exception of children under 2 years old) is entitled to carry at least 10 kg of luggage free of charge. According to intracorporate regulations, the authorized weight of the total baggage on the plane, carried free of charge, depends on the class of the ticket purchased:

For the luggage of each passenger, according to the rules, there is a place in the cargo compartment. For economy class, 1 to 2 seats are allocated (this depends on the airline), for business class and first class there are always 2 places. At the same time, the permissible dimensions of luggage in an airplane, calculated taking into account the 3 dimensions, have their gradations, which depend on the class of service.

If the weight or size of luggage in an airplane exceeds the established standards, then it will be necessary to pay for its transportation. Also, note that extra baggage will only be taken if there are free capacities in the airplane. Therefore, if you have a significant weight or size of cargo, agree in advance with the representative of the administration of the company and book a place for luggage.

What can you transport in an airplane?

Under the rules it is strictly forbidden to transport:

Subject to certain conditions of carrying baggage, it is possible to transport in a plane:

It is not recommended to take in your luggage, but it's better to take it with you in your carry-on luggage :

How to pack luggage in an airplane?

To avoid misunderstandings due to the fact that some liquid leaked from the next suitcase and filled your clothes, we recommend that you carefully pack your things in cellophane bags.

Attention : certain types of cargo, including animals and musical instruments, can be transported only for a fee, regardless of size. For especially valuable or fragile musical instruments, you need to purchase air tickets in the amount of seats they occupy. Carriage of wheelchairs and wheelchairs on all airlines is free.

If you are going to use the services of the airline, especially if you are flying this company for the first time, we recommend that you read the rules for passengers in advance in order to learn about your rights and obligations. In all aviation enterprises there are brochures with a set of rules.