Dream interpretation - a watermelon, how to interpret such dreams?

Any dream of watermelon, seen in a dream, often treats, as a promise of enjoyment, pleasant news. This is if the fruit is ripe, green also foretells trouble. I had to savor the berry - it is worth waiting for pleasant moments in life, although very much depends on the actions of the dreamer, on the appearance of the berry, and on the circumstances of the dream.

Why dream of a watermelon in a dream?

Watermelon in a dream, many dream interpreters explain the same, this is a new burst of inspiration , and the implementation of plans, provided that the product is ripe. Choose this berry - to take a hasty decision or an unplanned departure. Some astrologers interpret the eating of pulp as the existence of vital contradictions. It is very important to remember the details of sleep that can predict the future:

Why does a watermelon dream about a woman?

More often, the treatment of sleep relies on the sensations that the situation gives in reality. Eating watermelon is a great pleasure, sweet flesh is both food and drink. As the dream book says, watermelon contains most of the pleasant predictions. The role is played by the person who saw this giant berry, in what form. Which means, if a watermelon dreamed of a woman:

What does a watermelon dream about a man?

Watermelon is a controversial sign that can promise both pleasant and disturbing events. Therefore, in the interpretation of dreams, the role of not only the actions of the dreamer, but also his sex. What does it mean if a watermelon dreamed of a man:

Why dream of buying a watermelon?

Buying such a treat always promises to enjoy the meal, but at the same time there is an easy fear: will it suddenly turn out to be immature? Therefore, the interpretation of dreams about this berry - ambiguous. Buying a watermelon in a dream can be a prediction:

If you saw how, when buying a long choose watermelon, the dream books offer two conflicting interpretations:

Why dream about eating a watermelon?

To dream of a watermelon, astrologers consider a good sign, to great luck, but if the taste enjoyed by another person - expect grief. Play the role of the details of the dream and if you look into the dream book, the watermelon with the details of what you see is treated like this:

  1. There is a pulp with bread - there is a lot of work to be done on oneself, changes will benefit in the future.
  2. To see a rich bahchu - there will be many problems.
  3. Sow the seeds - the dreamer will create trouble himself.
  4. Poor harvest of melons - to financial difficulties, if good - to prosperity.
  5. Broken large striped berries in the garden - soon return the debt.
  6. Choose a watermelon in a dream and do not buy - the trouble will come from close people.
  7. The seller cuts the fruit and offers to try - to the amorous intrigues.

Why dream a ripe watermelon?

The ripeness of the fruit has always been a good sign, both in reality and in the dream. Therefore, if the dream of a watermelon is sweet and ripe - to joy, health and pleasant troubles. It is advised to try to remember the details:

Why dream of an unripe watermelon?

A fruitless fruit can not be considered good news in reality, and therefore for sleep the treatment is not too rosy. Men predict failure in their relations with women, and the ladies herald troubles in business. What does watermelon mean in a dream when it is immature:

Many predictions rest on the fact that immature watermelon - to a close, hard disease, if the fruit shrivels or wrinkled, then the situation can worsen, up to the threat of life. I saw a yellow watermelon - to a bad state of health, it would not be superfluous to seek medical advice. According to the Islamic dream book, throw in the window unripe watermelons - to the death of relatives. It is worth to clarify that in the East, these fruits are often not brought, but thrown through the window.

Why dream a huge watermelon?

It is generally believed that a rich harvest in the dream - to income. With melons - the same, but the role is also played by the volume of the fruit. In reality, buy a hefty watermelon - and in pleasure, all have enough to eat, and troublesome - how to get home? Therefore, the interpretation, to which a great watermelon is dreamed, are ambiguous:

  1. There will be difficulties and obstacles in life.
  2. There will be trouble, in connection with the departure.
  3. Will be able to make a valuable discovery.
  4. There will be a chance to become famous.
  5. Will visit the inspiration in creativity, this will help achieve the goal.

Why does a rotten watermelon dream?

Spoiled fruits and in reality not be called pleasant news, because the picture in the dream of a good one will not predict. To see in a dream a watermelon rotten or overripe is considered a prediction:

Why dream of a cut watermelon?

It was necessary to cut a watermelon in a dream - evidence of the imbalance of the character of the dreamer. You need to try to be calmer to avoid quarrels, which often to the detriment of deeds. This berry is difficult to choose and in reality, even externally beautiful, can be watery and tasteless, so the sliced ​​watermelon in the dream is deciphered, depending on the state of its ripeness:

Astrologers note that this giant fruit, dreaming in an unattractive form, portends not too global troubles, it is quite possible to overcome them if you take up the matter wisely. It is necessary to take into account also the actions of the dreamer:

  1. Cuts watermelon personally - to deceit in a romantic relationship.
  2. It divides the fruit into slices - to the division of property with relatives.
  3. If a knife is taken by another person at a common table - there is a risk of quarreling with friends.
  4. Cut and sell watermelon in batches - extravagance will lead to poverty.

Still it is worth remembering what were the portions of food, half a watermelon in a dream promises money disputes. Besides:

Why dream of stealing watermelons?

Sleep about the watermelon is also treated by actions. If you suddenly dreamed that you are stealing a tasty, giant fruit, it can promise:

Why dream about collecting watermelons?

Season picking gourds has always been considered one of the most troublesome, but enjoyable. A rich harvest could be shared with relatives, make a good stock for the winter, and even sell with a purse for a purse, so if a watermelon dreamed during a fruit harvest season, it means that for the sake of well-being it will take a lot of work: physically or morally. Dreamers about watermelon also share the meaning of the vision, depending on who it dreams to:

  1. A man to collect melons - to inspiration and fruitful work.
  2. A woman to work on collecting these berries - a marriage of convenience.