Miranda Kerr: "I'm strong and tough in business, and at home a loving and tender wife!"

Miranda Kerr moved away from a public, model life, stopped attending designer shows, putting her family, her relationship with her husband and the development of her own business in the forefront. Many will object and wonder whether it is possible to combine family and business, but, according to the model, everything is possible and it's a vivid example!

Miranda Kerr with her husband Evan Spiegel

Now Miranda has concentrated on studying and developing her own brand, this is supported by her spouse Evan Spiegel, gives valuable advice and directs in a new direction for her. Kerr commented on the conjugal and working alliance to the journalists of People:

"Evan is my inspiration and the best support. He let me know that you need to focus your energy, energy on your business, do not be afraid to take risks in what you believe in! In another case, we are doomed to work for the rest of our lives on other people's companies. I worked for a long time as a model, I gave it 20 years, and this is a solid time, will not you agree? After marriage and the birth of a child, I changed priorities and agree to shoot only in cases of financial attractiveness or interest of the project. In the first place, the family and their needs! "
Miranda skillfully combines career and family

Kerr shared a family secret, how to support the family hearth:

"I'm strong and tough in business, and at home I'm always a loving and tender wife! My grandmother always told me and my mother that a man should be pleased, pampered. Especially, it concerns the appearance, after all our favorites like eyes! Therefore, for dinner, I always fully armed, and on the table with dinner, there are definitely candles. At home, I give Evan a chance to feel like a man and the head of the family! "

According to Miranda, at work she does not allow herself to show weakness:

"Weakness is an impermissible luxury in our time. Going out of the house, I turn into a witty and motivated person, able to make decisions and give out teams! "
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Note that Miranda Kerr consistent always in her reflections on family and work, clearly delineating the role of wife, mother and woman, able to turn the world, for the sake of achieving their goals! In 2013, she shared her thoughts on the role of women in the family:

"In work, I always dominate, make decisions, plan, argue about the advisability of cooperation with a particular company, but at home I want to relax and be weak!"
Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel