Feng Shui Desktop Wallpapers

Turning to the art of feng shui, we aspire to become happier and, more importantly, more successful. It is difficult to argue with the fact that for most people the concept of success is inextricably linked with work. Therefore, among other things, pay attention when planning a feng shui desktop - for this you need to follow a number of simple rules.

By the way, even to those who are far from esotericism and looks at life pragmatically, the recommendations of Feng Shui on arranging the workplace will come by the way. After all, in fact, they are based not only on the laws of harmonization of qi energy, but also on obvious psychological factors that help to maintain mental equilibrium and promote better performance.

So, in order:

  1. Right in front of you is the career area. It, as well as the center of the table, should be empty, not cluttered. This will ensure you not only convenience in work, but also a free influx of beneficial energy.
  2. To your right is the area of ​​creativity, there should be materials (for example - papers), the work on which you have already finished.
  3. Left on the desktop is the health area. There you need to post materials for current affairs.
  4. The lower left corner of the table is the area of ​​knowledge. Have there educational, reference literature, as well as souvenirs that symbolize wisdom.
  5. The area of ​​patronage and help is the lower right corner of the table. There it is worth placing the phone - and thus inviting help and useful advice from loved ones, friends and teachers.
  6. The right upper corner is the area of ​​relations: friendly, family and partner, it is there that it is best to frame the memorial photos.
  7. The wealth area is in the upper left corner - there will be relevant symbols of wealth, such as the money tree or the statuette of the god Hotei.
  8. At the far edge of the table is a field of glory - here it is worth placing a symbol of what you are aiming for.

Symbols and Feng Shui

In the practice of Feng Shui, various talismans are used to attract luck. The choice of "your" souvenir - a purely personal matter, you can not give any clear recommendations on what kind of talisman will be most effective.

Figurine of the Indian elephant god Ganesha in Feng Shui symbolizes an adviser and associate who helps to successfully conduct business and increase incomes. The best place for Ganesha on the desktop is the area of ​​relations, the best material is bronze.

Another popular feng shui talisman is a three-toad toad with a coin in the mouth, a symbol of monetary well-being. It is better to put it in the upper left corner of the table - in the field of wealth.

Chinese coins, which are often used as a talisman in feng shui, are a universal symbol of the unity of the energies of yin and yang, as well as of all elements. They help to harmonize life in all its manifestations. Most often, coins are united by a red cord, usually in a quantity of three pieces.

As the strongest talisman, the pyramid is used not only in feng shui. True, only a pyramid can be effective, the edges of which are correlated according to the principle of the "golden section". Such a figure is a kind of accumulator of energy, and is capable of increasing efficiency.