Betrayal of a friend

Betrayal of a friend is one of the most horrific events. More often than not, it manifests itself in deceptions or inconsistencies. People often get confused and do not know whether to forgive the offender after these events. There are situations that can be forgiven, but there are also unforgivable things. Everyone should decide this independently. But it's up to you. In any case, do not conflict, you can just fence off a person or remain a good acquaintance.

How to take revenge on the girlfriend for betrayal?

Many girls wonder how to avenge a girlfriend for betrayal? Here it is necessary to understand the following. Causing harm to another person, no one goes unpunished. So the laws of the universe are arranged. What you give to the outside world, you end up with it. So try to let go of the situation and mentally forgive people who have offended you.

How to survive the betrayal of a friend?

First, you should pull yourself together. You must feel your own confidence and support. If you decide to continue to communicate with your girlfriend, then soon you will understand for yourself whether this communication should be supported. After all, there are different situations, try to understand why the girlfriend did exactly that. Perhaps there is a share of your guilt in betrayal? If a friend wants to talk after the conflict, be sure to give her this opportunity. Perhaps you misunderstood the situation, in any case, listen to the person and try to understand whether he is honest with you.

Is it possible to forgive betrayal?

The answer is simple - even necessary. It does not depend on whether you continue to communicate with a person, this is necessary for you. Forgiveness always eases the soul and gives the strength to move on. Perhaps, the girlfriend made a mistake, so it is very important to give her the opportunity to fix everything. After the conflict, you should not constantly reproach the person and remind you of the mistake made. Subsequently, you yourself will understand if you should trust this person. Unfortunately, meanness and betrayal are too common in our time, but there are many good and honest people. Try to find and communicate with such, in your environment, they certainly are.

Psychology of betrayal

It manifests itself in the fact that most often it happens unconsciously. Sometimes a traitor does not realize that he is a traitor, but the payment in both cases is the same. The problem of the modern world is that initially we misunderstood some things. Hence, people make very serious mistakes. Many realize their mistakes only in old age, which is very sad. Betrayal of a best friend is a very unpleasant turn, but try to look at the situation, on the other hand. Perhaps you can learn from it a lesson or consider your advantages in it. Try to analyze the situation well. Perhaps you have lost a close friend, but is it worth it to be upset if a person could harm you and stop the friendship? If there is a share of your guilt in betrayal, then take a lesson from this and continue not to do the things that led to such consequences.

Betrayal of loved ones always brings a lot of grief. Many people believe that you can not forgive betrayal. In fact, everything is relative. You yourself must soberly look at the situation and solve it for yourself. If you can not cope with this, it makes sense to turn to a good psychologist who will help you understand everything and teach you how to forgive . We hope that our advice will help you make the right decision.