Tattoo 2014

Tattoos - this is an ornament of the body, which will not be decided by every girl. However, to stand out from the crowd and make small changes in your life you want very much. Tattoo, like any other decoration, has its own tendencies. Let's talk about what tattoos are now in fashion.

Tattoo & Fashion 2014

It's no secret that tattoos can be done anywhere. Another thing is that professional activity can become a hindrance, because not all companies allow even the most harmless informal look. In this case, many fans of the extraordinary do tattoos on hidden places - the back of the neck, collarbone, loins, and even feet.

Fashionable tattoos 2014 for girls - this is the embodiment of femininity, tenderness and unity with nature. Extremely popular are tattoos depicting a flock of birds, as if soaring into the sky. Very attractive look butterflies on the neck or lower back.

Most often butterflies or birds, such as hummingbirds, peacocks or swallows, are chosen by young girls. By the way, swallow means freedom and success. Such a tattoo of 2014 can become a kind of amulet for a person throughout his life. Peacocks means wealth, nobility, majesty.

Hardly the first place for orders in tattoo parlors are the inscriptions. They can be of completely different length and thickness. As a rule, these are words that have some deep meaning. Usually, the inscriptions are in English, Ethiopian or Arabic. Sometimes this is not done for fashion, but that the meaning of the phrase could be understood by not all the willing and passing people, but in order to perpetuate the joy or date of some important event. For some, it's just a whim and a desire to stand out and show your individuality.

No less relevant in 2014, women's tattoos in the form of cats or cat's paw, which, according to the letter, brings good luck. Favorite theme of the weaker sex, according to the masters of tattoo parlors, are the wings. It is a symbol of purity and purity, divine beauty and angels. Surely such a tattoo will want to make a romantic and tender person.

Nevertheless, not all girls prefer cute drawings on the body. Many of them, in contrast, crave something more audacious, for example, a combination of roses with thorns and a skull.

If you are thinking about how to make a tattoo, try to weigh the pros and cons. After all, the tattoo is done for life, if it is not performed by henna. By the way, the last option is the most harmless way. This keeps the drawing from one week to a month.