How to choose a breast pump?

The benefits of breastfeeding can not be said again - this is an indisputable and scientifically proven fact. However, at times circumstances dictate their own conditions to young mothers, accordingly, the question arises as to how to preserve lactation. To date, the only solution to this problem is pumping.

By itself, the procedure of manual expression is not pleasant, and also very long. Therefore, many women, happily forgetting about this "grandmother" method, take advantage of high technology, in particular breast pumps.

This applies to situations where:

Which is better to choose a breast pump?

Breast pumps are available in a wide range. Therefore, women often have a real dilemma about how to choose the right breast pump. First of all, it is necessary to build on personal priorities and on how frequent its application will be.

So, according to the principle of action, breast pumps are divided into: mechanical and electrical.

In turn, the choice of mechanical breast pumps is represented by the following models:

  1. Reciprocating breast pump. Operates under the influence of mechanical forces from the hand. In appearance it resembles a syringe with a silicone nozzle, which massages the breast and at the same time simulates the natural process of sucking. A significant advantage of this model is that all parts are easily disassembled and sterilized. In addition, such a breast pump allows you to express milk directly into the bottle. The drawbacks can be attributed to the fact that with long use can get tired hands and the fact that the parts do not differ increased durability.
  2. Pump milk pump. Make your choice in favor of pump pump breast pump is better for those women who do not plan to decant frequently and in large quantities. Because this model has a number of shortcomings, and in particular: lack of capacity for milk and the ability to sterilize parts, low efficiency. In addition, the use of pump pump breast pumps often leads to the appearance of cracks on the nipples.
  3. Breast pump with pear. The operating principle of this model is identical to the pump one. However, some advantages make it more convenient to use, for example, the presence of a milk bottle and a device that allows you to adjust the pressure release.

Proceeding from the above characteristics, many women, when raising the question of which manual breast pump to choose, do not come to an unambiguous answer and prefer electric model at all.

Today, the electric breast pump is considered the most perfect, since it allows you to express the milk right into the bottle and at the same time quickly enough, it simulates the natural process of sucking, It is easily disassembled and sterilized (except for the electrical part), has intensity control. Suitable for frequent and permanent use. Its significant drawback is noise characteristics and high cost.

Choosing the right breast pump is sometimes difficult, because rely on feedback and recommendations in this case is meaningless. First and foremost, you need to clearly understand, for what purposes it is needed. If this is an option for securing, then you can do it mechanically, if the woman's chest is very sensitive, you should pay attention to models that mimic the natural process, if Mom plans to leave for a long time and wants to prepare the milk for storage, besides, financial possibilities allow - breast pump .