A group of angioprotective agents are medicines that have a health-improving effect on the cardiovascular system. Preparations-angioprotectors in the human body act as follows:

Application area

Angioprotective drugs are used in the therapy of a number of diseases. Especially effective are angioprotectors in the treatment of:

What drugs are angioprotectors?

The list of angioprotectors is quite extensive. Specialists classify angioprotective agents as follows:

  1. Herbal preparations, which are based on vitamins, glucocorticoids, fruits of horse chestnut.
  2. Synthetic angioprotectors.

Many drugs related to the angioprotective group include several components that have a curative effect on the body.

Let's talk about the most popular angioprotective agents.


The preparation is made in the form of capsules, gel and injection solution based on horse chestnut. The drug reduces the permeability of capillaries, has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. The pharmaceutical agent Troxevasin is indicated for use:


This drug in the form of tablets and injections, used when:


The preparation is a tablet from a dry extract of horse chestnut seeds. The drug is used to restore the structure of capillary walls and to remove inflammatory phenomena in the vessels. Veinplant is effective in varicose veins and venous insufficiency.


This medicine has a favorable effect on the restoration of capillaries. It is used both for therapeutic and preventive purposes for prevent bleeding in:


This angioprotective agent is used for: