Laxatives for weight loss

In pursuit of rapid weight loss women have tried everything that is possible. Now many people tend to become slim, taking laxatives for weight loss. We will understand, what actually gives a reception of laxatives for an organism, and whether it is possible to grow thin from laxative?

Does the laxative help to lose weight?

In order to understand whether it is possible to lose weight while taking a laxative, it is important to know the mechanism of action of such drugs. They are all aimed at irritating the intestinal mucosa, resulting in its accelerated emptying. However, neither laxative tea for weight loss nor tablets affect other organs, which means that such a remedy does not produce any fat burning effect.

Decrease in body weight is observed only during the first few days - but you will achieve the same "decrease" if you are weighed on an empty stomach after a toilet. In other words, the body weight does not change at all - only the presence of contents in the intestine changes, which gives a false effect of weight loss.

Thus, losing weight with a laxative is impossible. Such remedies are not able to clear the intestines from toxins and toxins (as, for example, this is done by flax flour ), which means that you will not do anything except that you push the stools to the exit faster than the prescribed one.

Note that laxative pills for weight loss are not only useless, but also dangerous. Not only that, with their regular admission, you destroy the natural scheme of stool excretion, which can cause you to suffer constipation (because the body will get used to additional stimulation), so you also deprive yourself of the most important vitamins and minerals that could be absorbed from food through the walls of the intestine, but do not have time. This will certainly affect the work of internal organs, and on health, and on the exterior.

Thus, the desire to lose weight with the help of a laxative can be classified as a disorder, as bulimia is a condition in which, after eating, the girls are artificially induced to vomit for the sake of preserving the figure.

Safe laxatives for weight loss

If you suffer from constipation and think it is their excess weight, it is advisable simply to include in your diet special products that nature itself has given us in order to solve similar problems.

  1. Bran . Bran can be bought in any pharmacy - this is part of the rough shell of grain, which in the modern world is excluded from the final product during processing. It is their lack of food that often leads to constipation. If you eat white rice, white bread, ordinary pasta every day - you should add to the ration 1-3 tablespoons of bran daily. It is best to mix them with kefir.
  2. Boiled corn . This product is incredibly rich in fiber, and if you eat it regularly, problems with the intestines will disappear by themselves.
  3. Carrots . Conventional carrots, especially fresh, are an excellent source of fiber, which normalizes the work of the intestines. You can periodically include salads from grated carrots, apples and nuts in your breakfast menu, and soon notice that your intestines work like a clock.
  4. Red beet . Regular use of dishes that contain in their composition beets in any form, very positively affects the work of the intestines and the general state of health.
  5. Apples of unsweetened varieties . Apples, especially those grown where you live, are an incredibly useful product. Their benefits affect different areas of health, and the work of the intestines is one of these areas. Often, to get rid of constipation simply enough to eat 1-2 apples a day.

It's no secret that you can cope with constipation without any medication, just eating properly. The same method can and lose weight - try it for yourself! This will allow you to become not only slimmer, but also healthier.