How useful is green coffee?

Today, literally every corner is told about a wonderful drink of a new generation, so let's find out what green coffee is useful and whether it deserves such popularity.

  1. Such grains include mineral salts, water, proteins, a large amount of vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, sucrose, as well as alkaloids.
  2. In this variant, much less caffeine is contained than in black coffee, since its amount is significantly increased when it is roasted. And this means that such a drink can be consumed even by people to whom black coffee is contraindicated.
  3. Due to the fact that green coffee is not fried, chlorogenic acid remains in it, which helps to burn fats .
  4. What else is useful in green coffee - vitamins, antioxidants, which accelerate the metabolism in the body. Vitamin PP positively influences the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also improves the liver and pancreas. Vitamin E and C help to stop the aging of the body.
  5. Green coffee has a positive effect on the human brain, so it helps improve memory and mental activity.
  6. It does not excite the nervous system, as the black version does. This drink on the contrary calms and relaxes your body.
  7. A cup of green coffee will help you get rid of a headache and stomach upset.
  8. Also, the green coffee extract was used in cosmetology.

It is necessary to know that the beneficial qualities of green coffee disappear if stored for a long time. And all because of the light and heat, so store coffee in remote places in a tight pot. Let's further understand what green coffee is useful for: Positively affects the skin condition. Green coffee makes it supple, elastic, matte and very beautiful. Thanks to this drink you will get rid of any roughness, roughness and dryness.

  1. It helps to get rid of fat even in the most difficult places, for example, on the stomach.
  2. Containing in green coffee, chlorogenic acid helps to reduce appetite .
  3. If you combine this drink and exercise, the result will be almost instant and startling.
  4. In comparison with black coffee, which helps get rid of 14% of excess weight, green coffee increases this number to 46%.
  5. This drink perfectly tones up the whole body and increases its physical activity.
  6. French scientists have identified the possibility of green coffee to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, which is a kind of prevention of diabetes.

We hope now the question of whether it is useful for green coffee or not, has disappeared by itself. Now the most important thing is to choose the right coffee, not fake. Since it is almost impossible to fake grains, it is better to give preference to them. In the natural version, there are absolutely no impurities and additives.

How to cook properly?

Although it is believed that the heat treatment kills many useful substances, you can fry the bought coffee at home. At home, this process is much easier to control. Frying time - no more than 15 minutes, do not forget to stir constantly. This drink is brewed in the same way as black coffee. Many do not like the taste of green coffee, since it is herbal and does not at all resemble a habitual fragrant drink. To somehow improve it, you can add to it ginger, lemon, black or red pepper and even honey. This drink can be drunk throughout the day in only a small amount, in general, allowed 5 cups of green coffee. Now you know all the useful properties of this wonderful and popular drink, now you only have to buy it, brew and start to lose weight.