Stylish women's sheepskin coat

In the winter wardrobe of a modern girl, in addition to down jackets and fur coats, there should be fashionable sheepskin coats , since they provide warmth and comfort at the same time.

This season, the designers presented a new collection of fashionable stylish women's sheepskin coats that perfectly fit into the active life of a modern woman.

Today, to create stylish models of sheepskin coats, different types of fur are used, but the leader among others is sheepskin. Sheepskin is an ideal material for making warm winter and fashionable clothes. Especially stylish from sheepskin look models of short sheepskin coats that perfectly fit into any image. For example, it can be a normal sports style, business or more feminine. Picking the right color and style, you can create not only a fashion image, but also be charged with a good mood for the whole day. By the way, about the stylish styles of sheepskins of this season.

Topical Styles

So, this season a hit among other products is a stylish long model of sheepskin coat, which in some ways resembles a soldier's coat of direct cut, intercepted by a dark masculine belt. The style of such sheepskin coats with boots on a flat sole and a postal bag, thrown over his shoulder. The bag and jacket under the sheepskin coat can be the same color, which will create a stylish and harmonious image.

A more elegant model of sheepskin coats with fur decoration and hood, made in the style of the bohemian bourgeois, will suit ladies with exquisite manners. Since today the fashion of the 70s is at the height of popularity, it will be appropriate to emphasize the waist with a wide belt or sash, while creating an X-shaped silhouette.

And more youth style sheepskin coats, formed in the form of a drought - the trend of this season. Such sheepskin coat can be worn with delicate dresses, dress-sweater and trousers. To the dress you can choose elegant boots, and in order to get a more daring image, it is worth choosing rough boots at low speed combined with narrow trousers.