Fashionable hair color 2018 - what shades are in fashion this year?

In their appearance, women often experiment with hairstyles, haircuts, styling and length. Being at the peak of fashion is easy - you need to listen to the trends of the coming year and choose a fashionable hair color 2018. Applying it, you can make an unforgettable impression.

Hair color 2018 - fashion trends

Nothing so refreshes as the right haircut and a new hair color 2018, fully reflecting the internal state. The stylish hair color of 2018 will dilute the habitual tone, draw attention to itself and emphasize naturalness. We can note such current trends:

  1. This is the year of bold experiments on the one hand and the familiar classics with new notes - on the other. Many ladies resort to similar strokes in appearance, to emphasize individuality . Those who remain faithful to the classical color scheme, but have already decided on a small bold step, in 2018 will be able to try on the striking strokes in color. As an example, you can bring brightly colored tips that are the highlight of the image.
  2. Naturalness also remains in vogue, but the emphasis is on the depth and saturation of this color palette. It can be a rich chestnut, black, copper-red, golden blond.
  3. It is welcomed such a method as melirovanie, it can be barely noticeable or opposite, catchy and attracting attention.
  4. Do not lose its popularity ombre, when there is a smooth transition from one color solution to another.
  5. Among the youth, coloring has become very popular, when natural light curls shade with such unusual techniques as coloring in pink, blue.
  6. The latest technology and design options can be used at any length, from shortened to as long as possible.
  7. Stylistic devices are able to emphasize the originality of a multilevel hairstyle, when different strands of strands are distinguished with the help of different color variants.
  8. It is recommended that the chosen hairstyle correspond to the general style and inner state of the girl. If she prefers femininity and romanticism, then she should give preference to naturalness. The young ladies, who tend to create a catchy catchy bow, on the contrary, can choose the most unnatural color techniques.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for brunettes

Brunettes, bright in nature, tend to express their brightness, while maintaining naturalness. For these girls are prepared interesting design techniques that characterize the hair color 2018 "brunette":

  1. Use coloring tips, color highlights and the effect of burnt out parts. All this is created by masters with the help of specially selected clarifying and toning compositions.
  2. Popular in the new year, the effect of the amethyst shine on black and dark chestnut strands playing in the sun and lighting devices will become incredibly relevant. Amethyst, represented by varieties of blue, cherry, emerald and violet, will highlight naturalness.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for blondes

Blondes can emphasize their natural beauty with a variety of solutions that fall into the category of "blond." With the right formula of the composition for staining, the master will be able to achieve an interesting and unique game. You can note such trends that characterize the fashionable female hair colors 2018:

  1. Blondes, from the warm-wheat to the cold platinum spectrum, can safely choose their style by changing the "blond" variations. It looks good and can attract attention.
  2. You can apply coloring and coloring techniques, this will give a visual volume and will be an additional emphasis during the styling.

Hair color 2018 for redheads

Red tone is unique in that people who have it, are bright by themselves. This brightness can not be lost, it remains only to highlight and add accents. The red hair color of 2018 will acquire new trends in maintaining brightness and naturalness. This is expressed in the following details:

  1. New accents in coloring will become popular on light-red, fiery, copper strands.
  2. Those wishing to add brightness to the red-haired image can use the service of toning the tips. Contrasting and fantasy shades, far from natural, which will complement the fashionable red hair color of 2018, will attract attention.

Hair color trends 2018

Hair coloring in 2018 will be given great attention. Stylish accents will be contrasting strands. The trend of hair color 2017-2018 is presented in such variations:

  1. Brilliant and exaggerated unnatural tones, such as pink , purple, emerald, blue will still be in vogue. With their help, the most bizarre and unforgettable bows will be created.
  2. Competent transition from one color range to another is another method by which stylists will be able to please their customers. Dark at the roots and like much burned at the ends of the curls are still in vogue.
  3. Classics and naturalness are popular in the same way and will not cease to be trend. Naturalness can easily be emphasized by thin strands that create the effect of playing sun glare.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for green eyes

Green eyes can be shaded not only with the help of the correct make-up, but also choosing hair color correctly 2017-2018. It is reflected in such trends:

  1. Reddish-copper shades - the most winning for girls with green eyes. They not only shade, but also make the eyes visually bright and saturated.
  2. Warm wheaten "blond" also perfectly emphasizes the green look, giving the image of innocence and openness.
  3. If there is a desire to paint curls in a reddish tone, then the owners of green eyes may not hesitate too long. Fashionable red hair color 2018 will leave an indelible impression.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for blue eyes

A classic combination is a blonde with blue eyes. The actual hair color of 2018 for blue-eyed girls is represented by such variations:

  1. Practical any variants of "blond", from warm wheat, slightly yellowish, to cold ashy. Melted blondes, lightly blonde or light-blond, light-colored strands are all perfectly combined with blue eyes.
  2. Popular and fashionable combination of dark curls with blue eyes. Fashionable hair color 2018 can be in the spectrum from dark chocolate to black and shade of the raven wing - an excellent contrast for light skin and blue eyes. Dark tones can vary and be very different, perhaps light toning to create a visual overflow and play of curls when stacked.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for brown eyes

Possessors of brown eyes can safely embark on any experiments and choose the most fashionable hair color in 2018. You can designate such successful solutions:

  1. Brown-eyed brunettes are a classic image. Strands in the spectrum from dark-brown to black are combined with very dark and golden eyes.
  2. "Cold" brunettes with slightly reddish or even ruby ​​strands - that's what will be fashionable in the new 2018 year.
  3. Copper-red fashionable hair color 2018 and brown eyes - this is the true depth of the image.
  4. Blondes with brown eyes are also not uncommon and the spectrum of the "blond" shade is very wide. At the same time it is recommended to take into account that such a color palette will suit only young ladies, who are endowed with light brown eyes, in which there may be a slight "golden".

Fashionable haircuts and hair color 2018

Short haircuts will be extremely relevant in the coming year, and at the peak of fashion are still short and asymmetrical hairstyles. Therefore, many women of fashion ask: what color of hair is fashionable in 2018? There are such variants of answers:

  1. Asymmetry will be achieved not only due to technology, but will also be emphasized with the help of coloring elements.
  2. Classic hairstyles, such as quads, cascades, beans, elongated quads, will also become prone to color experiments. So, for classical haircuts, especially volumetric and multilevel, the technique of creation of effect burnt out on the sun of tips will be popular.
  3. Narochito unnatural shades: pink, blue, crimson, emerald - a technique that is popular in the coloring of curls shorter than the average length.
  4. The application of natural color scale, which gives the image depth due to its saturation, is also welcomed.

Fashionable hair color 2018 for short haircuts

Short hairstyles will become very relevant in 2018. Asymmetry and extremely short length - these are the main chips that stylists will apply. To emphasize the contour of the haircut, to highlight it and give it even more shocking will help the most fashionable hair color 2018. It is represented by such variations:

Fashionable color 2018 for long hair

Long curls are a luxury, and it is possible to emphasize this beauty with the help of stylish staining. Elongated haircuts and hair color 2018 distinguish such features. Regardless of which form is chosen: cascade or one length, - classical shades of dark, light, red tones will come to the place. If they are shaded with separate strands, it will give them an additional visual volume and splendor.

Fashionable hair dyeing techniques 2018

When creating a stylish image, when using the fashionable hair color 2018, many techniques are used:

  1. The actual coloring of individual strands, especially it will be to the liking of the owners of long curls.
  2. Toning and coloring are the main chips in the coming year.
  3. Separately there is a classical melirovanie hair, fashionable color 2018 can be absolutely any. It has already entered the classics and the number of its fans only grows.
  4. Gradient transition will gain momentum.