How to make a child read?

Today, in the age of high technology and multimedia, it is very difficult to instill in a child a love of literature and reading. Therefore, many parents are wondering how to get a child to read.

Why do not children want to read?

In order to cope with this task, it is necessary to understand why the child does not want to read. The thing is that today there are a lot of more interesting activities than just reading books: watching TV, computer games, social networks that take up most of the free time of any child. And then all the responsibility lies with adults.

It has long been proven that children are a copy of their parents. That is why, in the first place, it is necessary to give them an example on their own, taking a great interest in reading and literature.

How to make a child read?

Begin to instill in a child love and interest in literature is best from a young age. Fortunately, today a large number of children's, bright, colorful literature are on sale.

Even before the child grows up and learns to read independently, parents should constantly read tales and stories together with him, explaining and showing illustrations in books, thereby provoking interest in reading.

When the child grows up, it will not be as difficult to make his books read independently, as it would seem. The very process of reading he will be associated with those emotions that he experienced in his childhood, when reading with his parents.

How to make a teenager read?

As he grows up his child's worldview changes, he is less and less listening to the advice of adults and does not want to follow their orders . That is why it is no longer possible to get a teenager to read books, as in childhood. This requires a completely different approach.

To begin with, parents should establish contact with their child, learn about his interests and feelings at the moment. Ideal - if parents constantly follow the hobbies of their son, and at least partially recognize his interests. In this case, before you make your teenager read, you can talk to him in a friendly way and ask 2-3 times a week, in the summer open an art book.

An excellent option to deal with this problem can be the conclusion of an oral "contract". Very often, to stimulate interest in reading, adults promise some kind of reward.