How to finish school externally?

More and more schoolchildren are interested in the possibility of studying at an externship. This allows you to study without a daily school visit. Parents because of lack of information can not easily decide to transfer a child to this form of education. Therefore it is worthwhile to figure out how to study and take exams externally at school, what nuances must be taken into account.

Types of externalities

In Russia, there are 2 types of externa:

  1. Free. Assumes study at home, but it is not possible to shorten the training period. It is necessary to know that the child has the right to count on:
  • Paid Intensive. Training is conducted only in certain institutions. According to the schedule prepared in advance, classes are held in small groups or individually. Part of the tasks the guys receive via the Internet. Intensive will suit those who are interested in how to finish school externally ahead of time. The program provides for the study of the 10-11 grade for 1 year.
  • In Ukraine, there is no fee-based intensity. According to the law, a student has the right to expect free education of any form, he should be assisted in the desire to accelerate his studies.

    How do I go to the externship?

    For the transition to this form of training, it is necessary to discuss the situation with the director in advance and write a statement. If the student is refused due to lack of places, then you will have to apply to another educational institution.

    A child should receive a training plan designed specifically for him. There should be indicated the terms of attestation, when and how to take it out of the school.

    What do you need to take into account when going to the external school?

    Parents should evaluate their capabilities:

    It is also important to take into account the characteristics of the child, his ability to self-organization.