Washing machine in the kitchen

A modern apartment does not appear without such an apparatus as a washing machine . You can give up many benefits, but wash by hand, probably no one will agree.

To place in the kitchen a washing machine, most likely, to decide the one who in the bathroom simply does not have enough space for her. It is the kitchen - this is the first convenient place after the bathroom, where there is a possibility of water connection and drain outlet.

There are several options for laying out the stylalk in the kitchen. The most convenient of them is the purchase and installation of a built-in washing machine, where the fastening of the kitchen fa├žade is provided in advance. In this case, the device will not stand out, and the kitchen will remain harmonious and consistent in one style. An analogue of this type is a conventional automaton of the front type.

All "for" and "against" the location of the washing machine in the kitchen

Advantages of installing the stylalki in the kitchen:

  1. Freeing space in the bathroom.
  2. Possibility of close connection with communications.
  3. The choice of a washing machine with unlimited depth, which is not always possible in ordinary small-sized bathrooms .

Disadvantages of the washing machine in the kitchen:

  1. In the kitchen, it is not always possible to keep the door open for a while, which is required after washing.
  2. The washing machine in the interior of the kitchen does not always look aesthetically pleasing and can not serve as a place for collecting dirty laundry (this option is only possible in the bathroom).
  3. Food is not compatible with washing powder or other chemicals. Even the most careful and accurate use of powder entails the ingress of soap particles into the air.

But the main thing is to follow one rule - the technique should be installed where it is convenient to use and so that you like.