Style of eclecticism

Popular style this year, the eclectic style can be characterized in two words - extravagant and catchy. Girls who prefer clothes in the style of eclecticism, as best as possible meet the requirements of bright fashion. At first glance, these models of clothing may seem tasteless, completely uncoordinated and somewhere even screaming and ridiculous. However, many designers of eclectic costumes are so adept at creating novelties that even the most boring prude can not resist the choice of the original styles.

Clothing in the style of eclecticism can not only differ with bright prints , but also have an unusual cut. Familiar things in this style seem refined. Often images of eclecticism suggest a combination of incompatible materials. For example, the practice of harmonizing light chiffon dresses with knitted sweaters and suede boots is widespread, summer overalls with coarse sandals dressed in a thick sock.

In addition, the color combinations themselves rarely coincide in this style. A cage with a strip, flowers with imitation of animal skins - all these are distinctive features of the eclectic style.

An important role designers have given to the creation of outerwear in the style of eclecticism. Despite the fact that the materials are chosen more restrained, the coloring in which the elements of the upper wardrobe are presented, challenges cold and rainy weather. Many models of pants and jackets this year are presented in English style, but catchy color palettes necessarily mark the belonging to the eclectic style. It should be noted that, having figured out in detail, you are convinced that the color decisions of the eclectic style are quite correctly selected and make the image truly individual.

Dresses in style of eclecticism

Speaking of dresses in eclectic style, we can say that such models are perfect for both daily use and as outfits. The styles of these dresses are distinguished by simple cut, but the bright coloring makes them elegant. This combination allows you to harmonize them with both daily shoes and accessories, and create unforgettable images of the queen.