Adolescent alcoholism

Unfortunately, nowadays it is not uncommon to meet a teenager on the street with a bottle of beer and a cigarette. In fact, it's still children, adolescents more often become adults of slaves of alcoholic dependence, not fully aware of the full severity of the consequences. Adolescent alcoholism has become a scourge of our time, adversely affecting the fragile health of children, physical and moral, breaking the life not only of the teenager, but of his entire family.

Causes of drinking teenagers

The reasons why a teenager begins to "look in the bottle" can be divided into two groups. The basis of the motives of the first group is the desire to observe the traditions, to learn new sensations and feel like an adult. In addition, very often teenagers look at alcohol as a way to cope with shyness, become uninhibited and overcome fear of communicating with other people. Still not having tried alcohol, the teenager considers it an easy exciting means which harm will not bring special, but only will help to open. But "personal" acquaintance with a glass turns into bitterness, burning in the mouth and a headache, after which the desire to continue it for a while goes away. Time goes by, unpleasant sensations are forgotten, and new reasons arise to drink - the end of the school, successful entry into the university, birthdays. A glass after a glass, a child enters into the taste, and then a second group of motives emerges on the stage, based on banal boredom, inability to occupy themselves and direct energy to achieve the right goals. Reading books, studying and playing sports, a teenager prefers an evening in the company of friends with the indispensable drinking of alcohol, most often beer. Beer alcoholism in adolescents is a very widespread phenomenon, because beer compared with vodka seems a harmless, non-addictive drink, and it is much easier to buy it.

Zapolonivshaya television ethers advertising alcoholic beverages, scenes from films in which elegant men and beautiful women, easily tolerate horse doses of alcohol, also play an important role in the development of alcohol dependence in adolescents.

Effect of alcohol on the body of a teenager

The use of alcohol by teenagers entails truly devastating consequences. Still not strengthened organism, is not ready to struggle with such destructive poison, therefore quickly surrenders. Alcohol inhibits the work of the nervous and digestive systems, destroys the liver, causes the grossest violations in the organs of the reproductive system, causing infertility in women. A teenager who regularly consumes alcohol, often peers, is affected by various viral and colds, as a result of a decrease in immunity. And, of course, the most terrible consequences of alcohol use by adolescents relate to personality changes - character changes, interest to life disappears, the will weakens, all interests boil down to drinking.

What if the teenager drinks?

  1. If you feel the smell of alcohol from the child, do not immediately scandal. Postpone the conversation until the morning, but for now help he should go to bed.
  2. Look at the teenager, think about what problems he is trying to solve through drinking, gently and unobtrusively talk with him on this topic. Try to become his support and support.
  3. Try to act not by force, but by cunning. Do not forbid him to invite friends into the house, even if they do not like you, because you only encourage him to do it. Talk with him about the rules of conduct and cohabitation, the reception of guests.
  4. Talk with a teenager about the consequences for his body of drinking alcohol, as it affects his psyche and health.