How to freeze zucchini for the winter?

While the season is in full swing, and the prices for the vegetable leave a pleasant shock after themselves, take the opportunity and get ready to cook zucchini in the cold season. Vegetables can be stored until cold with the help of conservation and freezing. The latter will be discussed in more detail below.

How to freeze zucchini at home?

Let's start by discussing whether it's possible to freeze zucchini for the winter at all? The answer, of course, yes (otherwise this material simply would not exist), like most berries, fruits and vegetables, courgettes perfectly tolerate the effect of low temperatures. While keeping a huge amount of vitamins, it does not go to any comparison with what remains in vegetables after staying in the marinade, and therefore immediately move on to discuss how to freeze zucchini for the winter.

Before freezing, healthy and not damaged vegetables are thoroughly washed and dried, and then cut into circles or cubes. In this form zucchini can be immediately packaged in packages with locks or containers. And you can arrange them on a board or baking tray, freeze, and then pour into a container to ensure that the pieces do not freeze as a single block, and they could easily be separated from each other if necessary.

You can also grate courgettes, salt, leave for half an hour, and then as carefully as possible squeeze out excess moisture. The resulting "cake" freeze and use to prepare pancakes.

If you do not know how to freeze zucchini for the winter for a child, then this process does not differ from the standard frost for a consumer of any age. For the winter, pieces can be allowed on cream soups or added to ordinary first courses, making ragout, roasting, and for the smallest ones used as a basis for vegetable puree in lure.

About how many frozen zucchini are stored do not have to worry, because until the next season of cabbage slices will survive guaranteed, but because you will have as much as 12 months to try the recipes with zucchini like those about which we will write further.

What to prepare from frozen zucchini?

Vegetable stew



Spasertuyte onions in an abundance of olive oil, and in the meantime cut all the vegetables in pieces of equal size. Add the vegetables to the onion roast and cook until half cooked. Fill the contents of the saucepan with tomatoes in their own juice. At this point in the dish you can add dried Provencal herbs or laurel, and you can get by with a pinch of salt. After 45-50 minutes, the stew will be ready to serve.

Cream soup

Since after zarzochki zucchini become softer, they are great for making soups, especially those that are then whipped with a blender to a creamy consistency. Add some cream and greens, and appetizing, budgetary and very useful food for the winter is ready!



Onion cut into thick rings and rescuer in an abundance of oil. To the onion roast, add the garlic passed through the press and immediately put pieces of the frozen zucchini so that the garlic does not burn. When zucchini melt, pour them with broth and cook until soft. Add the soup portion of greens and salt, remove from the plate, pour the cream and whip with a blender. To keep the homogeneity, squash soup can be passed through a sieve.