How to freeze the boletus?

As you know, in order to properly freeze the boletus for the winter, you need to adhere to certain rules. An important condition for the preparation of a quality product is the selection of mushrooms. We bring the pineapple brought from the forest on the table and carefully examine it. Worms and old mushrooms are immediately thrown out, if by chance they happened to be in the basket. Small fungi separate from large ones. Not mine! If the mushrooms are washed, they will lose both special taste and specific flavor. With the help of a sharp knife we ​​clean dirt, we separate grass and other garbage. Large mushrooms are cut in such a way that the size of the pieces was with a fine fungus.


Prepared mushrooms are placed in plastic bags in small portions. Pay attention - that the fungi are evenly fumed, they should be placed in a package in one layer. Tightly tie the bags, trying to remove all the air from them, and put them in the freezer. After a day, the fungi are soaked sufficiently that the bags can be folded more compactly. As you can see, it's very easy to freeze fresh boletus.

To save time

Often the question is asked as to how to freeze ready-made buffalo. For example, in the autumn you relax in the village and you can boil or fry mushrooms with onions , but in winter you work, and cooking time is often not enough. There is a way out - we'll tell you how to freeze the boletus at home to get a semi-finished product that will only have to be heated in a microwave oven or in a frying pan.

Freeze-boiled mushrooms

First, let's talk about how to freeze cooked boletus.



Mushrooms are sorted, cleaned and washed. We put it in a pan, add the onion, laurel, pepper and dill. Cook from the beginning of boiling for about a quarter of an hour. We throw it back on a sieve or a colander, throw out everything except mushrooms. When all the liquid drains and the boils are cooled, put them in bags and put them in the freezer flat, so that the mushrooms do not get frozen in the ball.

Freeze fried mushrooms

For this purpose, large buffalo beetles are suitable, which in the first case can simply be sorted to the side.



The cleaned mushrooms are cleaned, washed, cut rather finely. Bow shinkle as small as possible. On a well-warmed oil, let's pass the onion, add the mushrooms after a couple of minutes. Fry on high heat in such a way that all the liquid from the mushrooms is evaporated. Solim, pepper. When the fungi become golden, remove from heat and cool. We lay out the mushrooms on plastic containers, close tightly and place them in the freezer. As you can see, it's very easy to freeze the boletus for the winter in the fridge or freezer. In winter, only boil potatoes and sprinkle it with boiled or fried boletus.