Plum jam for the winter

Due to the high content of pectin in the fruit, plums are ideal for being used as a base of jam and jams. Among other things, they are perfectly combined with a wide variety of additions: aromatic herbs, citrus peel, vanillin and other fruits.

How to cook plum jam for the winter?

If you use enough sweet plums, then there is no need to add extra sugar. This recipe is precisely designed for the use of fruits with pronounced sweetness or for those consumers who do not like sugary preparations.



In order to extract the maximum of pectin and get a homogeneous, thick jam, place washed and peeled plums in enameled dishes. Leave them on medium heat to languish in their own juice for about 10 minutes or until the plums soften. Now sprinkle sugar and continue cooking, from time to time stirring the jam until it thickens to the desired consistency (usually, it's still 10 minutes). Add lemon juice and try the jam by adjusting the sweetness to your discretion.

Pour the blank over clean jars, and roll it after sterilization.

If desired, plum jam for the winter can be done in a multivark. Set the "Multiple Cook" mode and simmer the plums at 160 degrees 40 minutes, and after adding sugar lower the degrees to 120 and continue cooking for another half hour.

Plum jam with cocoa for the winter

The presence of cocoa in the winter harvest may seem strange, but this recipe will be a real gift for chocolate lovers. In addition, plums perfectly match with cocoa, and its presence in the recipe makes the consistency of the billet thicker, and the aroma - more pronounced.



Split the halves and remove the bones from them. Put the fruits in a bowl with a thick bottom, put in the sugar and leave everything on medium heat until the sugar dissolves. After, wait for the jam to thicken, about 12-15 minutes, put a piece of butter and mix. If you want to get a homogeneous jam, then wipe it, getting rid of the remnants of the peel, then return it to the fire, pour the cocoa and boil again. Distribute the workpiece to the banks, sterilize and roll.

Apple-plum jam without peel for the winter

Apples, like plums, are very rich in pectin, and therefore adding them to the billet will make jam even thicker. In addition to a couple of the main ingredients of this jam, it can also be supplemented with blueberries, which will give the workpiece a pleasant color, aroma and light acidity.

In addition to blueberries for flavor in the jam will go a rosemary twig, but if you are not a big fan of it, then replace the rosemary with a stick of cinnamon, vanilla pod or just do without any additives.



Peel apples from seeds and divide into quarters. Remove the stone from the drain halves. Place all the fruits in thick-walled dishes and pour sugar. Leave the plums, apples and blueberries to languish until they let the juice and soften. After, wipe the fruit and berry mixture through a sieve, getting rid of the rests of the peel.

Return the base of the jam to the fire, add a sprig of rosemary for flavor (if desired) and re-boil. Ready jam pour into a clean half-liter jar, sterilize in any preferred way and roll.