The design of the living room in the house with a fireplace - how correctly to beat a cozy corner?

The cozy design of the living room in the house with a fireplace invariably attracts the gaze of people, the fire portal in the interior always looks elegant, stylish and respectable. The cracking hearth is not only a source of heat, but also a chic decorative element that, depending on the finish, can fit perfectly into any artistic style.

Modern living room with fireplace

Many people design the living room in the house with a fireplace is associated with the classic English style , but this architectural detail is used in many other directions. Foci with an open flame are widely found in the interiors of modern, country, baroque, even minimalistic hi-tech or loft. With the development of modern technologies, it became possible to install houses not only wood burning furnaces, but also gas or electric heaters, realistic electronic false fireplaces .

Ways to place fireplaces in the interior of the house:

Real foci are not recommended to be placed near the outer wall. In this case, you run the risk of using the main heat not for heating the apartment building, but for the surrounding atmosphere. A good option is the design of the living room in the house with a fireplace installed at the inner wall, which is perpendicular to the external wall with window openings. It is advisable to arrange pieces of furniture around the portal so as to form the maximum cozy corner for rest.

Classification of fireplaces by type of fuel used:

Small living room with fireplace

Depending on the layout for a small room, you can recommend the following design options for the living room in the house with a fireplace - the installation of a corner type heating device or the purchase of a decorative device. In a confined space it is desirable not to overload the situation with unnecessary details, decorate the space near the furnace with a light colored material. The living room with a corner fireplace in a small room is often combined with a cabinet or a dining room, in this case it is rational to build a portal into the partition dividing the room into zones.

Kitchen-living room design with fireplace

In the combined rooms, the best way is to separate the cooking zone from the rest area with shelving, bar counters or sofas. You can enhance the desired effect of painting the walls in different colors and special lighting. The fireplace should be located away from the hob. The burning hearth will make the workplace hot and uncomfortable, and electronic decorative devices in the kitchen are easily spoiled by steam and dirt.

To the interior of the kitchen living room with a fireplace looked practical and cozy, it is necessary to equip the heater in the house on the opposite side of the room to the room, surrounding it with soft furniture. In the recreation area, you can put a rug on the floor, set a coffee table next to it at a safe distance. If this space is already occupied by furniture, then the ideal option is the design of the living room in the house with a corner fireplace or the portal equipment in the wall at the very border of the functional zones.

Living-dining room with fireplace

In a small room, often the dining area is not separated from the rest area by the main wall. In the case where the dining room with the living room adjoins the fireplace, the design of this device must correspond to the situation, and all the surrounding space is decorated in the same style. The fireplace is located either on the dividing line of residential areas, or make it part of a specific zone. In classical design, it can become a detail of the composition, if on both sides of the portal to arrange the same lockers or cabinets with utensils, which will emphasize the symmetry of the overall picture.

Bedroom-living room with fireplace

This option is suitable for small apartments, where you have to count every square meter saved. For security reasons, it is advisable to install a stylish electric fireplace in the living room with the effect of a living flame, it makes the room cozier and allows you to put the surrounding furniture as close to the portal. Decorating the space around the furnace is done with plaster, tiles or stone in light and warm colors. In the dimensional room it is possible to use a decorative two-sided device for fastening in a column or wall, dividing it into zones.

Design of living room with fireplace

The style of decoration that surrounds the fire portal, can make the situation in the room unique, a standard apartment will immediately receive an original design and stand out from a series of similar types of premises with a boring layout. Wallpaper in the living room with a fireplace should be chosen so that they are combined with the rest of the design elements, most often appropriate warm colors. Do not forget about the practical benefits of the heating device, if the design and repair is entrusted to a professional, a beautiful hearth will provide your home with warmth in the cold period. Chandelier in the living room with a fireplace is chosen, focusing primarily on the stylistic direction, as well as the color range, the presence of the hearth does not play a decisive role. The wall to the living room with a fireplace is installed in the opposite part of the room for reasons of safety first

When installing in a residential house of real heaters, use high-quality materials, as much as possible to protect the structures from fire. A living room with a fireplace in a wooden house can be a safe and stylish room, but all responsible construction work must be performed by experienced specialists. Modern electric heaters can easily be built into the existing interior without large additional costs for repairs and special permits.

Living room with fireplace in a modern style

Choosing for themselves the interior of the living room in a spectacular modern style with a fireplace, you need to study the characteristics of various design directions. For example, in modernism, plastic, glass, chrome and nickel-plated surfaces, streamlined sculptural details, organic forms are widely used in decoration. Another thing - the design of the living room in the house with a fireplace in the Art Deco style . Here there are exclusively high-quality things from natural materials, expensive bronze, ceramics and marble. The decor uses cubic patterns, beautiful grilles, mirrors.

Modernism, chebie-chic, pop art and other styles have recognizable features that need to be used in decorating and decorating fireplaces. In the design of the pop art pops we see a metallic gloss, an abstraction, frames resembling modern paintings. Exquisitely, vintage and completely different in the house is a source of heat in the design of the shebbie-chic. In all decoration, antique elements and decorations of the fireplace must be present ornate and elegant, romantic motifs.

Living room in high-tech style with fireplace

Wood, gas or electric fireplaces in the interior of a high-tech living room must be performed with a cast iron and metal base, the availability of these materials allows you to easily implement the main features inherent in the industrial direction in design. The dampers and doors are made of heat-resistant glass, it can be present here within the framework and accessories. The proportions of the fireplace are clear and geometric, simple and concise. Metallic, light gray, white and black predominate in the decoration.

Living room in classical style with a fireplace

The classical living room with a fireplace should have a stately and austere look, for arranging a stylish fireplace you can buy ready-made cast iron blanks, trim the space with natural or artificial stone. The color scale is maintained in calm and warm colors. For decoration, unpainted wood is widely used, it is left in its original form and aged to emphasize the natural appearance. On the mantelpiece we install figurines, bronze clocks, above the portal we mount paintings in expensive frames.

Living room in Provence style with fireplace

The furnace in this romantic rustic design should resemble the real open wood-burning fireplace of the wall type. The facings are U-shaped, made of stone, and the upper part of the fire portal is slightly overhanging. The living room with a fireplace should be decorated in warm colors, the color palette is predominantly cream, lavender, sand, white, beige. Even if you have a decorative imitation of the hearth, be sure to order stylish tools in the spirit of retro, reinforcing the atmosphere of this Provence - forged poker, tongs, scoop.

Living room in loft style with fireplace

The loft style is characterized by simple design, deliberately careless forms. In this interior is often found brickwork, concrete and rough wood. Instead of metal stoves or primitive burzhuek better to use a modern fireplace in the interior of the living room, successfully picking up his design. There are several variants of the loft focus - a retro furnace and a hotbed of a modern type. In the first case, we build a portal of stone, brick or tile for brickwork. Young people like a metal fireplace, made in a modern manner, reminiscent of production equipment.

Living room in chalet style with fireplace

Connoisseurs of alpine freshness try to transfer the mountain color to their localities, creating summer cottages in chalet style. For this design, a built-in or wall-mounted hearth in retro design, lined with stone. It is not necessary to use coarse rock, you can decorate the interior of the living room with a fireplace with ceramic tiles that have an original texture, or a beautiful onyx mineral. In the decor it is good to use hides, weapons, old tools.

The main features of the chalet style:

  1. Soft muted colors.
  2. Absence of red and green shades.
  3. A large number of wooden furniture and accessories.
  4. Part of the interior decoration of the walls and fireplace portal is made with stone.
  5. In the decoration are widely represented forged and artificially aged items.

Living room in English style with a fireplace

English classical design can not be imagined without such an architectural element as a stately and solid fireplace. In the interior often used huge, reaching up to the ceiling of the furnace, lined with stone or tiles. Required details of the situation - a dark wood fireplace mantel and a hanger, where the accessories for the hearth are located.

What stands out is the English design of the living room with a fireplace in a private house:

  1. The grate, an ashtray, a visor are made of cast iron.
  2. The space on either side of the hearth is often decorated with a spectacular narrow panel of beautiful ceramic tiles.
  3. The walls in the living room with a fireplace and other pieces of furniture are expensive, of a solid appearance.
  4. The ceilings of the living room are decorated with stucco, it is not recommended to use hanging and fabric systems.
  5. Presence of wooden panels in the house environment.
The main palette - shades of ocher, pastel colors, honey, burgundy, cherry and cold blue.