Motivating films for women

Watching a movie is a pleasure. And to look at the film with the benefit is a pleasure doubly. Motivating films for women help not only to relax and enjoy the wonderful play of actors, but also to learn lessons that will help reorient life.

Top 10 Motivating Movies

  1. "Erin Brokovich . " The main character of the film remains without work, one with three children. However, this test not only did not break it, but also made it stronger. Erin Brokovich, played by Julia Roberts, goes through life with optimism and energy, solves not only her own questions, but also helps other people.
  2. "A strong woman . " This film is on the list of the best motivating films for the reason that it describes a woman who was able to emerge victorious from all life's misfortunes. The film describes the story of a woman who dreamed of becoming a writer, but early in love and became pregnant with her chosen one. She managed to grow her son on her own and succeeded due to her perseverance and faith in the best.
  3. "Eat, pray, love . " This film will appeal to those women who consider their life dull and monotonous. The call to action, which sounds in the film, motivates viewers to change their lives for the better.
  4. Ā«Business girlĀ» . The plot of the film is quite common. The girl dreams of making a good career, but because of envy and lies she can not. However, Tess Mac Gil does not give up and is looking for new ways to become a successful lady.
  5. "Smile of the Mona Lisa" . The story of a feminist teacher, Catherine Ann Watson, is designed to show what changes are happening around when a person follows the path to which he is called.
  6. The Iron Lady . Margaret Thatcher is a model of a woman with a strong will. It was thanks to her strong character that she managed to get the country out of the crisis. However, the film is not only interesting with Margaret's political decisions, but also with a description of her personal life, her struggle with illness and loneliness.
  7. "Good morning . " The path to success can subordinate the whole person to himself. On the example of the heroine of the film, the director shows that in the vital bustle it is very important not to lose oneself as a person, not to forget friends and relatives.
  8. "Coco Chanel" . An autobiographical film about a woman who had immense will power and motivation to achieve her goals. As the life of Gabriel, it will be possible to find out by watching the film.
  9. "Elizabeth" . The royal throne is not only an advantage, but also a huge responsibility with which the young woman was able to cope quite successfully.
  10. The Secret . Among the best motivating films, "Secret" is a prominent place. He talks about how human thoughts can influence and how a person builds his destiny.