Additional income in your free time

Raise your hands to those who have enough money for everything, and there is no desire to earn a little more. So can do except that the wives of the oligarchs, all other thoughts about work-off no-no and visit. Let's see what are the options for additional earnings in their spare time and whether it is possible to find anything acceptable at all with rather modest temporary resources.

Additional earnings for the weekend for women

Many are relatively free only weekends or holidays, can you find work on this at the time? On the one hand, if you look, you can find everything. But on the other hand - so you need additional income to deprive yourself of a legitimate holiday for the weekend? You will not get a lot of money for a couple of days of work, but you will spend a lot of time searching, and you will not be able to go out to work all the time, not completely rested for a long time - and to overwork and nervous breakdown nearby. Another disadvantage of this work is that it can not be permanent, that is, you have to spend most of the day off looking for a customer. Any work on a part-time day still requires some kind of schedule, and two days a week is not enough.

Thus, you can work on weekends only if the occupation from which you receive income is your hobby. For example, if you are fond of needlework, then the fruits of labor can be spread among your friends or by creating your own page on the Internet. But in this case, too, it is not worth hoping for a big profit - creating a thing can take more than one day off. Therefore, if you are thinking about additional earnings in your spare time, it is better that this time was more than 2 days a week.

Types of additional earnings for women in their spare time

So, if you have not only a weekend, you can try to find yourself a more or less permanent source of income. To begin with it is necessary to be defined, whether there is at you an opportunity for extra work outside of the house or you search for work in-home. The latter option, of course, is preferable - very few people want after a busy day of work want to run to another job. But to do the work of the house you need a good knowledge of the computer, without this, you should not even think about domestic work.

How to find additional income outside the home?

  1. If you are a competent specialist in your field (for example, a lawyer, an accountant), you can look for a part-time job in the same field. It is more advantageous for small companies to employ an employee arriving 2-3 times a week for several hours than to pay a person for a full working day. This option is suitable not only for holders of intellectual professions, masters of manicure, make-up artists and hairdressers, too, can earn a good idea, especially in the pre-holiday season.
  2. If special skills leave much to be desired or they are not in demand on the market, then you can try yourself in the role of evening nanny. Sometimes parents need to leave the house in the evening, but there is nobody to leave the baby with. This work is not easy and if you do not get along with the children, it is better to look for another way of earning.
  3. Dogging is also a good option for evening work. Only here you will need a sincere love for animals, otherwise the walk will turn into torture.
  4. Billboard ads. The work is ungrateful, especially in the cold season. And if you consider that ads from information boards like to disrupt, then you can not get anything for your work.
  5. The cleaner. The occupation is unpopular, but if you understand, there is nothing terrible in it. Many offices require incoming cleaners, who would clean up once a day, in the evening after the departure of employees.

Ideas for additional earnings at home

Such methods of additional earnings are also good because they are suitable for women in the decree. But then of course everything is individual, a lot will depend on how quiet the kid is and whether there is anyone to look after him, while his mother will be focused on looking at the monitor or communicating with people.

  1. Sales manager or call-center operator. Here you will need a telephone, internet and no outside noise.
  2. Moderator of the site. In most cases, you do not need to be in touch all day - you are given either a certain time period (if this is a forum or chat) or a specific section of the site.
  3. Tutor. If you have a good knowledge of any subject of the curriculum and the ability to get along with the younger generation, feel free to try yourself in this area.
  4. If you want to share your professional skills, conducting webinars and on-line counseling will help you with this. Although you can choose any topic in which you feel your sartness. Though about a massage for newborns, tell, though video lesson borsch cooking place.
  5. If you feel confident in the world of words, like a fish in water and have a high level of literacy, then look for a copywriter, translator or editor.
  6. Working with photos will require a special program on the computer (for example, Photoshop) and skills to work with it.
  7. Web-design and Web-programming is also a good source of additional income.
  8. Needlework - than not a way of additional earnings, especially if to search for buyers through the Internet. Place beautiful photos of your work, think about the way of delivery and price policy. If you do everything right, the hobby will begin to bring income.