Resorts of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a kingdom of wild nature, noisy waterfalls, exotic and pleasures. Its snow-white beaches , stunning landscapes, dynamism and at the same time appeasement attracts a huge number of people who want to relax. Traveling to Costa Rica is a continuous positive, a lot of pleasures, pleasant memories and unforgettable moments. For quite some time this beautiful country has been in the leading positions with travel agencies, because its excellent resorts are suitable even for the most capricious holiday-makers, families with children, lovers and extremals. We will tell you about the best and most popular resorts of Costa Rica.

San jose

The city of San Jose is not only the capital of Costa Rica , but also a very popular tourist resort. It has a lot of cultural heritage sights , gardens and parks, places for entertainment of various kinds, etc. Choose a place to stop in San Jose - also not a problem, because it is a lot of luxury hotels of different categories, among which you can find the perfect option for yourself.

This city has a rich architecture and many green areas, which you will undoubtedly be interested in learning. In San Jose, go and avid fashionistas, because it can be very profitable and interesting shopping . In general, the capital of Costa Rica is an interesting, dynamic, warm and beautiful city in which you will spend your holiday unforgettably.


Quite a colorful city, Limon has conquered more than one traveler with its markets and snow-white beaches. It is also on the list of the most popular resorts in Costa Rica. It is visited by lovers of surfing and beach rest, historians and botanists, extremals and party people. Near it there are national parks , jungles, and in the city there are many interesting museums, lush squares, noisy institutions and entertainment centers.

Near its shores are stunning coral reefs, so in Limon go those who are so fond of diving . You can easily find on the city streets hotels and restaurants of national cuisine , boutiques or just shops - in general, everything that is so necessary for any tourist. The most important object in the city is its connected port. You can conduct an evening promenade, watching the departing huge ships and liners.


The bustling and modern city of Alajuela is another leading resort in Costa Rica. There are a lot of places in it that you will want to visit with great interest. The comfortable climate, magnificent views and interesting architecture of the city make it special and attractive for all guests of the country.

Alajuela is considered an ideal resort for families with young children. Hotels and restaurants in it are family-like, and a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere pierces from the first minute of your stay. Excursions around the city's sights are a very interesting and cognitive activity, which adults and children like.