How to react to rudeness at work?

Each of us had to meet in life with uncivilized behavior. Sometimes we observe it from the side, and sometimes we face rudeness in relation to ourselves. This is not very pleasant and I would like to build relations on mutual respect, because we live in a civilized society. But, despite this, there are quite a few people who are hungry for no reason to show their aggression and spoil someone's mood. Ideally, if you can just stop talking with such personalities, but there is not always such an opportunity. For example, if rudeness manifests itself at work, you need to understand how to react to it correctly.

How to react to rudeness of colleagues?

To be able to successfully combat aggression in your address, it is necessary, first of all, to increase one's self-esteem and add self-confidence. A strong personality who does not lose self-control in such a situation is quite difficult to pick. After all, the main task of a boor is to get out of peace of mind. If he sees that his words do not have any effect on you, he will lose control over the situation and then it will be quite easy to discourage him with an unexpected action or phrase.

How to react to the rudeness of the boss?

It is more difficult to react to rudeness on the part of superiors, because any answer is fraught with consequences. If it was deserved, then it's worth listening quietly, not taking everything to heart, then moving on to a constructive discussion. If boorish behavior occurs constantly and from scratch, one should carefully ask the head of the reason for such an attitude.

How to react to rudeness at the work of a subordinate?

It also happens that among the subordinates there may be an ill-mannered person who frankly ruffles in front of the whole collective. Such an attitude to yourself in no case can not be allowed to run its course, otherwise it will lead to the fact that the other subordinates will cease to be reckoned with. Do not need to answer him the same, because it will show your incompetence. You should find his shortcomings in the work and, calling to his office, point to them, while noting that soon, there may be a reduction, under which he will fall first.