Bathroom in Khrushchev

The bathroom in the modern world is an integral part of our comfort. It is so nice to relax after a hard day's work, wash off negative emotions, enjoy its relaxing effect. And if you got a small bathroom in Khrushchev - this is not a reason to be upset. It can also be made cozy and comfortable.

Interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev

A close space encourages people to look for different ideas for the optimal use of each square centimeter available. There should fit a bathroom or shower , washing machine, laundry basket, sink, and sometimes even a toilet. The task is not simple, but fortunately, modern technologies and inventions allow a miracle to fit all this in modest dimensions.

And it's not even that important. The main thing is that all the finishing of the bathroom in Khrushchevka was done with the use of high-quality and beautiful materials in terms of texture and color. Correctly selected design can create a miracle, visually expanding the space and creating a beautiful environment.

Very often when decorating bathrooms, many mirrors and mirror surfaces are used. This is correct, since this technique visually expands the space. A light tone of walls, ceiling and floors gives a feeling of comfort and coziness. The ceiling can be stretched and its glossy surface additionally elevate the room.

A good option is the use of contrasting tiles in the bathroom of the Khrushchev when decorating walls and floors. On walls, you can hang weightless glass shelves, remove all furniture from the room, leaving only the bedside table under the washbasin. And if you make it hanging, it will make the space even more airy and light.

The bathroom in the Khrushchevka itself can be corner, which will save space. Or it could be a shower, if taking a hot bath is not a must for you.