How to deal with allergies?

An increasing number of people turn to doctors for help, hoping to get rid of allergy symptoms. Allergen, causing very unpleasant sensations can be pollen of plants, house dust or pets, medicines, etc. Completely get rid of allergies is difficult, but it is possible to substantially alleviate the symptoms.

How to deal with allergies to cats?

If your cat lives in an apartment and she has long been considered a full member of the family, how to deal with an allergy to her? First of all, it is important to follow certain rules:

  1. Replace contact games by remote, playing with a cat or a cat with the help of a ball, rope or toys with remote control.
  2. Do not let your pet in the bedroom to allergic, and the patient does not need to occupy the cat's favorite place on the couch or in the armchair.
  3. If you are impatient to take a cat in your hands, be sure to wash them with soap and wash clothes more often.
  4. It is desirable to wash the floors every day and dust the house.
  5. Pay special attention to cleaning carpets and wool products, which are the biggest dust collectors in the apartment.
  6. It is not superfluous to use air filters.
  7. Pay attention to the proper nutrition of the cat, since most allergens are excreted together with urine and saliva.

Sterilized cats are less allergenic than conventional cats, and it is also proved that cats are not as dangerous to allergy sufferers as cats.

The opinion that allergy often causes the pet hair is erroneous, because the allergen is a substance that secretes the sweat and salivary glands of your pet.

How to deal with an allergy to a dog?

The rules are the same as in the fight against allergies to cats. It should be noted that the dog is much less a provoker of allergies than a cat. Dogs often walk, they are washed more often, and their toilet is outside the house.

How to deal with an allergy to dust?

The number of people suffering from dust allergies is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because even the home dust consists of a whole complex of allergens, the main one of which is a dust mite . It lives inside mattresses, in bed linens and pillows, as well as upholstered in upholstery. A few little tricks will help get rid of dust allergies:

  1. It is important to clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner daily.
  2. Remove unnecessary things that serve as dust collectors.
  3. Every morning, air the bed and change it every week.
  4. Replace the feather pillows with pillows with special fillers.
  5. Handle furniture upholstery and carpets with special tools.

Unfortunately, sometimes these measures are not enough. Then the doctor will advise taking antihistamines. But we must remember that the choice of medicine should be approached seriously.

How to deal with cold allergy?

This disease is called a pseudoallergia by the doctors, since there is no allergen, and there is only a specific reaction of the organism to the cold. Here's how to deal with cold allergy :

  1. Dress warmly and do not wear synthetic underwear and woolen products.
  2. Before going out to the street, lubricate the skin of the face and hands with a fat cream, nm in which case do not use a moisturizer.
  3. Use antihistamine eye and nasal drops, which you will be advised by a doctor.
  4. If symptoms increase, consult a doctor who will prescribe steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  5. If there are no contraindications - tempered.

The battle with any allergy should be started from the very beginning of its manifestation. Do not ignore the symptoms of this disease or try to get rid of them yourself.