Plus size - what does it mean, from what size does plus size begin?

A stylish image, corresponding to all current trends, knows no limitations either in age or in the parameters of the figure. Therefore, in fashion collections there are not only standard sizes, but also categories of clothing plus size, where every girl with magnificent forms will find the ideal solutions for her taste and features of the constitution.

What does plus size mean?

A variety of stylish solutions in modern fashion allows each girl to look stylish and effective. Designers have long ceased to pay attention to features such as a full figure, in creating a fashionable bow. However, it is worthwhile to understand the size of plus size. Such clothes belong to the category of wardrobe for large volumes. The lower parameter of this ruler is considered to be the 48th size, and the upper definition point does not exist, because in the modern market there are non-standard positions, for example, the 60th.

Fashion plus size 2018

In the new season, designers do not separately design a wardrobe line for magnificent volumes, as a separate category. Almost all well-known brands and even factory collections offer products from the standard 42-th to 60-th inclusive. Stylish clothing will help you emphasize the dignity of the figure and smooth out unwanted zones. Let's review fashion plus size 2018 - the most relevant solutions:

  1. Coloring . A win-win color choice for magnificent shapes was always considered to be dark, monochrome colors that are visually slender - black, blue, marsala, emerald. An alternative choice of the printed design is a vertical strip.
  2. The length of the midi . Moderate length will always emphasize your femininity and elegance. By giving preference to such pods, you will successfully close undesirable zones, but do not put on baggy onions.
  3. A tight fit . Do not be afraid to emphasize your body with tight silhouettes. This choice will emphasize your determination and help get rid of the complexes at the psychological level.
  4. Fabrics . Up-to-date materials for sewing products for full are light flowing materials - silk, cotton, chiffon, linen. However, it is worth remembering that brilliant textures should be avoided, since such a solution visually adds volume.
  5. Feminine decoration . Distract attention from the volumetric parameters with the help of beautiful ruffles, flounces and frills. A good choice will be clothes with neckline cutouts, contrasting girdles, asymmetric cut.

Clothes plus size

In modern fashion, girls with large volumes of figures are no longer limited in choosing fashionable products, as it was several dozen years ago. Designers do not shackle full of fashionistas framed by a certain style. With the right approach, the combination of styles and accessories, as well as the choice of actual color solutions, you will demonstrate all the femininity, sexuality and refined taste both in everyday bows and elegant ensembles. Let's see what women's clothing plus size is the most popular:

  1. Jeans and trousers . The actual choice of pants for full are considered to be straight or narrowed cut shapes shortened length. If your main problem is in the abdomen and waist area, stop on models with an overestimated fit.
  2. Blouses . In addition to light feminine materials, pay attention to the presence of beautiful neckline décolleté, accentuating the bust. Baska will help visually hide the full belly, highlight the waist line. A short sleeve will add lightness to the image.
  3. Coat . A classic style of outerwear is considered a win-win. In this case, the fabric can be as soft or dense, holding the mold well. A good choice will be a fitted model with a length of midi or half-coat.
  4. Jackets . For everyday city socks, the ideal solution is a trendy jacket of bombs. Depending on the growth and problem areas, select a shorter or longer model. An excellent choice is also leather braid , which due to oblique lightning distracts attention from the shortcomings of the figure.

Plus size dresses

A universal case for any type of parameters remains a strict case. Capsules plus size accentuate the actual length of the midi, covering the knees. Another popular choice, as for every day, and for elegant bows were models in the style of the 50-60's. A wide skirt will help to hide the volume hips and full legs. A tight coquette will emphasize the bust. And the selected waist will make the whole image feminine.

Skirts plus size

As in the choice of fashionable dress, the most successful skirt shape is a strict case. If the main disadvantages are in full legs, choose a straight cut model. If your hips are your pride, stop at a narrowed silhouette made of elastic material. The perfect choice is the midi-long sun. Long skirts plus size are presented with a hem to the ankle. This solution visually lengthens the growth and helps to focus on fashionable shoes. By the way, the most successful completion will be heels of different shapes and heights.

Swimsuits plus size

A lush figure is not a verdict to refuse a beach holiday. On the contrary, this is the place where you can demonstrate your spectacularity by choosing a successful bathing suit . The most stylish images plus size are presented in whole styles. And in this case the rule of dark monochrome coloring works. A fashionable separate model is a swimsuit in the style of the 80's with high swimming trunks and a balconet top. To visually narrow your shoulders, stop on a halter or tankini with one strap around your neck.

Linen plus size

This wardrobe detail, though hidden under clothes, is able to adjust your proportions better than any other. If you are not going on a romantic date with the subsequent intimate continuation, an excellent choice will be a pulling underwear plus size. To date, designers offer seamless patterns that are imperceptible to wear. In the selection of decorative underwear, the trend remains corsets and tight-fitting combinations, a balconet bra with good support and panties-shorts.

Wedding dress plus size

Not only girls of model appearance are awarded male attention. There is a category of men who prefer mouth-watering forms and are looking specifically for such brides. Style plus size offers a diverse selection of beautiful wedding dresses for full. An excellent solution will be a style in the floor with a flying light skirt and a tight-fitting semi-transparent coquette. When choosing a short model, it is worthwhile to dwell on a shining sun made of lace, silk or chiffon. But multilayer podjubniki and cascade frills are better to exclude.

Plus size brands

Clothing for the full - is not only unattractive factory products, which are made, as if on the stamp of the USSR. In today's market, exclusive solutions from well-known brands are also presented. The advantage of this choice is the high quality of both materials and the tailoring itself, compliance with the latest trends and the ability to visually see the actual combinations. What kind of brand clothes plus size is the most fashionable today:

  1. Ralph Lauren . This American brand does not need advertising. Ralph Lauren products are not the most budgetary, but the high quality of stylish products has not left worthy competitors.
  2. Marks & Spencer . If you are looking for stylish and quality jeans for full, then it's worthwhile to stop picking on the collections of this company. However, in other elements of the wardrobe designers do not always show superiority.
  3. Asos . This brand knows everything. Asos has established itself as a worthy ratio of low price and excellent quality. In the collections of the brand you will find any element of the wardrobe - from underwear to outerwear. The ruler for the full is called Asos Curve.
  4. Mango . The Spanish brand produces a special line of clothing for volumetric parameters under the exquisite name Violeta. However, it is easier to buy stylish products through online stores, as they are rare in boutiques.
  5. Elena Miro . This famous brand specializes mainly on clothes of a particularly large size. And here you will find stylish solutions for work, everyday city socks and on the way out.

Plus-size models

Modern fashion does not only focus on fashion collections for girls with a three-dimensional figure, but also on models that demonstrate clothing. This approach is aimed at ensuring that large-sized women are not shy of their bodies, get rid of complexes and accept themselves as they are. In large access and information is a successful way to fame in the modeling business of girls who clearly show how a stylish wardrobe helps to transform and look attractive. Let's do a survey - the most popular lush models of size plus size:

  1. Lizzie Miller . With an increase of 180 cm, this girl weighs 80 kg. It should be noted that the model itself is proud of its parameters more than when it was thin. World fame brought her a nude photography for Vogue magazine.
  2. Crystal Rennes . This girl has come a long way in the modeling business from an anorexic thin person with countless health problems associated with a neurotic illness to a successful plus size mannequin.
  3. Sophie Dahl . The famous Englishwoman was one of the first who demonstrated non-standard volumetric parameters on the podiums. At 40, Sophie successfully continues to show fashionable clothes and at the same time tries herself in writing.
  4. Tara Lynn . This girl works in the modeling business not only because of fame and money. She actively promotes a healthy attitude towards a lush body and agitates for fighting against imposed standards of beauty.

Ashley Graham plus size

American model plus size Ashley Graham started her work on the podium as early as 12 years. Since childhood, the girl has been characterized by three-dimensional parameters of the figure and was not at all embarrassed by her body. For greater color and appeal, Ashley is removed not only in the upper and casual clothes, but also for collections of underwear and swimwear. Graham wears clothes of the 58th size and is not going to lose a kilogram.

Model plus size Tess Holliday

This girl does not consider her volumes as a disadvantage, but, on the contrary, she calls dignity. For more color, the plus size model has made several large-scale tattoos that do not hide during the filming of underwear and swimwear. Tess Holliday with an increase of 160 cm weighing 155 kilograms. At the same time she leads a healthy lifestyle and does not represent a day without a gym.

Katya Zharkova - model plus size

So it's a fact that modern women of fashion pay more attention to Western fashion shows. However, Russian models plus size are also popular in modern style . And one of the most famous was Katia Zharkova, who is proud of her parameters and encourages the society to accept the diversity of beauty. However, the girl notes that her happiness is not only in taking her body, but also in regular sports.