What is fashion - with what the history of fashion and style began, the modern women's fashion

The question, what is fashion, occupies many women. We all know the speed with which tendencies change for shoes, clothes and manicure, and we try to follow them. Nevertheless, few of the beautiful ladies understand what this concept includes, and where it originates from its history.

Fashion history

To answer the question, where the history of fashion began, is not easy. The wardrobe items in which all the representatives of this or that civilization went, existed for a long time, however, at that time people did not think about how to dress beautifully and attractively. For them, wearing clothes was just a way to keep warm and to hide intimate places from prying eyes. Any novelties or foreign dresses were perceived "in bayonets", so there was no desire to change or change something.

History of the origin of fashion

Experts believe that the history of fashion and style began only in the XIV century. The birthplace of these concepts is called the capital of France, Paris, although they were immediately taken by residents of other European countries. Representatives of the fair sex began to show imagination and tried their best to stand out from the crowd, creating for themselves extravagant hats or original jewelry. The brightest representative of that time was a "hat with horns", which is a construction made of fabric, to which cones are attached in a special way.

In the future, trends in women's clothing began to change with each new season. So, with the onset of cold weather, beautiful ladies dressed in velvet, and in summer - in products made of natural silk. Gradually began to change and the cut of the objects of the wardrobe - some models became a little more frank than the previous ones. There were well-known and today receptions, which make the fashionable woman's image charming and seductive.

Fashion Legislators

Although the history of women's fashion originates in France, its main legislator during the first two centuries of formation was Italy, or more precisely, Venice. Venetian beauties set the tone for dresses and hairstyles, introduce overhead hair and hairpieces into the trend, pay special attention to accessories. So, already in the XV century, almost all young women wear the finest neckerchiefs and velvet veils that frame the faces.

A little later, from the middle of the 16th century, Spain became the trendsetter. Pranky Spaniards promote closed and chaste outfits - dresses with a dead collar, long sleeves and high starched collars. The skirts are predominantly lush and long, no cuts or asymmetrical skirts revealing exposed legs were heard at this time. Meanwhile, the young lady has a new way to seduce men - all sorts of fragrances have come into fashion, giving the wearer the image of mystery and sexuality.

Finally, in the XVII century, the fashion was dictated by the country responsible for its appearance - France. Parisians were considered generally recognized icons of style for very long - more than two hundred years. During this time, the trends have changed a huge number of times, but women all over the world completely obeyed the opinion of the Parisians and with pleasure copied their outfits, practically adding nothing from themselves.

Since the XX century the legislators of actual trends have ceased to be the state. Their place was occupied by fashion houses, which managed to gain wide popularity. Brand names have emerged all over the world, some of which have survived only a few years, while others, for the time being, have lingered on fashionable Olympus for a long time. To date, famous stylists, fashion legislators are dispersed across all continents, but most of the fashionistas still focus on French and Italian couturiers.

What is fashion and style?

Thinking about what fashion is, some women confuse this concept with style. In fact, by fashion we mean the temporal domination of one or another style over others. Almost always this term refers only to a certain locality, for example, a district, a city or a state, but not to the whole world. Modern women's fashion extends not only to clothing and footwear, but also makeup, manicure, hairstyles, fragrances, accessories and other directions.

What is high fashion?

This term appeared in Paris in the XIX century. It already has a special meaning - it's not about the production of mass clothing, which is available to most of the fair sex in the world, but about the manufacture of luxury wardrobe items, each of which is not cheap at all.

Currently, when answering the question, what is haute couture in fashion, the mind comes the products of such gurus as Chanel Haute Couture, Couture Atelier Versace, Gautier Paris and others. The products of these manufacturers are distinguished by the highest price, complexity of manufacture, unusually high quality of manufacture, use in work of precious stones and other expensive materials and so on.

With the advent of such brands, women and girls learned what a fashion show was in fashion, and they began to attend such events with pleasure. More and more people interested in current trends, popular trends and novelties began to appear at every show. After each show, experts compare the models demonstrated and determine which outfits should be preferred in a particular season.

What is the trend in fashion?

Discussing what modern fashion is, it is impossible not to distinguish the concept of "trend". It is understood as the current trend, which at the moment should be given maximum attention. As a rule, no trend is delayed at the top of the fashionable Olympus for too long - in most cases, with the beginning of the new season, all such trends recede into the background, and their place is taken by new directions. Not all women know and that such macro-trends are fashionable. Macrotrend subordinates all the actual trends in the season and correlates with a certain era, for example, 70 , 80 or zero.

What is a capsule collection in fashion?

To promote and sell their products, stylists and designers around the world are ready for much. As competition in this area is unusually high, representatives of brands have to go to different tricks. Often, fashion brands create a so-called capsule collection - a line of products that are developed in cooperation with a famous designer or world celebrity. Such models, as a rule, are very well sold and attract increased attention of buyers to other models of the brand.

What is Mast Heav in Fashion?

In the fashion world, there are many different concepts that cause women to misunderstand and questions. Although most of the fair sex understands what it means to follow fashion, and tries to please this capricious lady in every way, not all young ladies understand why in a particular season they should wear this or that.

In fact, many trends appear as a result of the craze of fashionists by a certain subject, while one of them - the mast of hev - is announced by experts of the fashion industry. In this concept, a special meaning is attached - it means the most important trend or "squeak" for a season. In some cases, the hev mast persists for several years - there are no restrictions for this.

What is a bow in vogue?

Another question that can be heard from beautiful ladies is "What are the onions in vogue?" This word is very often found in the pages of fashion magazines or it sounds from the mouth of observers of various television programs. In fact, a bow is a synonym for the word "image", however, it is not exactly the same thing. For the formation of the bow, absolutely all the details are important - every element of clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up and so on. The word look means what a person looks like at that particular moment, whereas the concept of "image" can extend over a long period of time.

The most famous fashion houses

In the world there are a huge number of fashion brands, each of which has its own fans and ill-wishers. Among all this variety there are both little-known brands, and real gurus, whose names are heard all over the world. Designers, experts, world celebrities, representatives of the world's richest families and many others gather for fashion shows of the most famous and influential brands in the TOP. Currently, the top brands are headed by the following names:

  1. Chanel.
  2. Hermes.
  3. Gucci.
  4. Louis Vuitton.
  5. Fendi.

What is an ugly fashion?

Some women, thinking about what fashion in clothes, say that they will never follow her and will dress the way they like. Indeed, many current trends look strange, original and wonderful. So, on the catwalks you can see shoes that are associated with orthopedic diseases and disabilities, trousers and jeans with an unusually high waist, making the figure ugly and disproportionate, dresses "from rags" and much more.

Most girls who see this for the first time, the question arises, what is an ugly fashion, and why it is needed. After all, no fashionist who wants to look bright, beautiful and attractive does not wear what she does not decorate but, on the contrary, disfigures. Meanwhile, the task of such things is to make the image unusual and attract the attention of others to its possessor. With this they, no doubt, manage, and therefore they win immense popularity among ladies who love to shock the public .

Interesting facts from the history of fashion

In the history of fashion and style, you can select many interesting facts, for example: