Tomato Petrusha-gardener

New varieties of various vegetables appear constantly, and at the beginning of the new planting season, you can see many unknown names. One of the novelties of our modern breeders is the tomato Petrusha-gardener.

To understand if this grade suits you, you need to get acquainted with its basic characteristics and growing conditions.

Tomatoes Petrusa-truck farmer - description

Features of this variety are:

Low tomato bushes Petrusha-gardener looks very colorful when the bright red oblong fruits ripen together. Tomatoes of this sort are distinguished by excellent taste (fleshy sugar flesh), thin tender skin and heavy weight (usually 150-200 g, rarely 300 g).

Cultivation of tomato varieties Petrusa-gardener

It is recommended to grow it on the open ground, as in such conditions the yield will be higher.

For the planting of Petrushi-gardener it is necessary to grow seedlings:

  1. Seeds are sown in February-March so that they can ascend well, it is necessary to maintain the soil temperature at the level of 24-25 ° C.
  2. After the appearance of 2 real leaves, the seedlings are dived and gradually hardened.
  3. In April, it can be planted under a film, and in May - in open ground. When planting, it is necessary to make a shallow hole and pour in it 10 g of superphosphates.

In the future, growing buds will need a normal for tomato care: watering, weeding and top dressing with complex fertilizers at least 3 times.

Among the main characteristics of the tomato Petrusa-gardener, it should be noted that this is a medium-ripening variety, but it is long fruit-bearing. If you regularly (every day) harvest, it will increase the rate of fruit ripening and stimulate further fruiting, which can last until October.

Tomatoes Petrusa-gardener are perfectly suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.

To buy seeds of new varieties, such as Petrusa-gardener, is best in specialized stores, you can learn about their basic characteristics and avoid buying fakes.