Fillers - what is it in cosmetology, and how to carry out the procedure for eliminating wrinkles?

Early signs of skin aging are desirable to correct at the very beginning of their occurrence. Beauticians call fillers and other age-related problems the best option. They can be used from 25-30 years, the procedure is absolutely safe and almost painless, and the effect after it lasts up to 2 years.

What are fillers?

Understand the meaning of this word will help his translation from English. The root of "fill" is fill, fill. The answer to the question, what is a filler, is in this translation. It is a filler having a thick, gel-like consistency and a stable structure. The substance keeps the form for a long time, does not spread. Biological fillers are fully compatible with the human body. They gradually dissolve and are eliminated through the lymphatic and circulatory system in a natural way.

What are fillers in cosmetology?

The chemical properties of the substances in question are actively used in the field of beauty and rejuvenation. Knowing how the word "fillers" is translated, what it is, it is easy to understand what they are used for. Fillers are injected under the skin in places where creases are formed. They help to straighten folds, so smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent the emergence of new ones.

In the process of studying what are fillers for the face, progressive dermatologists have discovered one more option of using fillers. If the oval "swam", the skin is dehydrated and lost elasticity, the introduction of the described substances will help restore its fresh appearance. Fillers are used to model the face - emphasizing the cheekbones, increasing the chin or giving it the desired shape, natural increase in the lips.

Fillers - types

Most women are familiar with fillers based on only one ingredient. Hyaluronic filler has the highest popularity, because it provides the fastest effect, has an affordable price, is safe to use. Even with a sudden appearance of allergies or other complications, dissatisfaction with the result, you can immediately destroy the substance. Antidote for this acid is a special enzyme (hyaluronidase).

Knowing how the fillers work, what it is, it is necessary to pay attention to other types of fillers that can easily replace hyaluron:

Fillers - application in cosmetology

Biological fillers are used for the purpose of skin rejuvenation and correction of its individual parts. The place of injection depends on what the cosmetic procedure is for, the filler can be entered into the following zones:

Fillers in nasolabial folds

This is the most frequently treated area, because the creases from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth appear before other wrinkles, emphasize the age of the woman, make the face tired and sad. Hyaluronic fillers are predominantly used in the nasolabial folds, as the most safe and effective. The basis of such fillers are certain bacteria and cock's scallops. Natural hyaluronic acid is chemically modified by binding its molecules to chains, which ensures the stability of the substance and slow resorption.

If this group of drugs is not suitable, the dermatologist will pick up fillers from other materials. With nasolabial folds, fillers from pig and bovine collagen, artificial polymers and hydroxyapatite of calcium are good. The most expensive but effective fillers with the longest life are polymethyl methacrylate microspheres. Results of the introduction of fillers in the nasolabial folds are presented in the photo.

Fillers under the eyes

Signs of withering of the skin around the eyelids in most women are visible already at the age of 27-30 years. By this time nasolacrimal fissures become prominent, deep depressions appear under the eyes or edema, dryness and a thin network of facial wrinkles are present. Correct correction by fillers helps to get rid of the listed problems for a long time.

The introduction of the filler into the presented zone is a difficult and almost a jeweler's job, because the skin in this area is very thin and sensitive. To combat the signs of aging, only hyaluronic fillers are used around the eyes, other types of such substances are not suitable. The effect of the procedure will last for about a year, the results of manipulation are shown in the photo below.

Fillers in the cheekbones

The described part is processed in combination with other zones. Taking into account how fillers operate, what it is, cosmetologists have found a way of non-surgical correction of the face oval. The use of filler in the cheekbones provides the following positive effects:

Subcutaneous introduction of fillers into the area of ​​the cheekbones is characterized by the longest service life. This is due to the minimal face mimicry in this zone. Due to the lack of intense muscle tension, as near the eyes or mouth, fillers in the cheekbones less often move, so they dissolve more slowly. Repeated procedures can be performed every 1-2 years. The visual result of manipulation is reflected in the photo.

Fillers for lips

Women use the described service primarily for the purpose of adding volume. Increasing lip filler is an effective and safe procedure with lasting results (about a year), but fillers can be introduced to solve other problems:

Fillers - the rating of drugs

To obtain the desired effect, it is important not only to find a qualified specialist, but also a high-quality filler. It is necessary to purchase only certified and certified fillers, whose rating is officially confirmed by the Office of Sanitary Supervision for the Quality of Medicines (FDA). This is the most authoritative organization that monitors the effectiveness and safety of medicines.

The best fillers for nasolabial folds - rating:

Rating of fillers under the eyes (hyaluron only):

Good fillers in the cheekbones:

The best lip fillers - rating (hyaluronic acid only):

Fillers - Pros and Cons

The main advantage of this procedure is a fast and steady facial rejuvenation without surgical interventions. The best fillers provide long-term results, which can be maintained by repeated injections every 6-15 months. Wrinkles and scars are smoothed, oval and facial geometry are improved, asymmetry and other cosmetic defects soften.

The disadvantages of introducing fillers include such items:

Negative accompanying phenomena:

Fillers - contraindications

There are temporary and permanent conditions, because of which the introduction of excipients is prohibited. First group:

Fillers for the face can never be used in such cases:

Cream Filler

Most cosmetics manufacturers have started issuing funds that promise an effect that is identical to the drugs examined, but without the need for injections. Evaluate their effectiveness can be, if you study the cream fillers in detail - what is it like working. The composition of these creams includes either derivatives of hyaluronic acid, or collagen. They promote long-term moisturizing of the skin, but do not fulfill the function of a biological filler.

The collagen or hyaluronic cream-filler does not penetrate into the deep layers of the tissue, remaining only on the surface of the epidermis. Such remedies improve the skin condition, but do not struggle with signs of aging. Popular brands: